Hogwarts Rules

I. The Prime Directive -It is the goal of Hogwarts to treat all players with respect and friendship and to garner a feeling of community, to that end no player will suffer from undue malicious Out of Character Harrasment.

II. Hogwarts is an equal opportunity simming environment. Harassment or discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability may result in immediate removal.

III. Hogwarts is a world of fantasy and as such real world religion and magic is not to be mixed with the magic of Hogwarts, while we respect other's religions out of character, Hogwarts is not the place for this.

IV. Hogwarts will not discriminate against players who have difficulty with spelling and grammar, or for whom English is a Second language--so long as a reasonable effort is made by the writer.

V. New players are limited to one player character and up to 2 npc's for the first 6 months. After that, they may ask the HEadmistress for additional npc characters as they prove able to handle them. Players cannot exceed more then a total of 7 NPC's and 1 PC.

VI. Special consideration may be made by the school leadership for cause.

VII. No one may be considered for additional NPC's if they have not shown the ability to use all their already existing characters.

VII. Players should endeavor to use only age appropriate magic and knowledge and should not be advanced past the point of believability.

IX. Player knowledge does not equal character knowledge. The use of knowledge that a player may know cannot be brought into character without a reasonable explanation of why. For example, first years wouldn't know of the Room of Requirement or the Chamber of Secrets.

    X. Most students will not succeed when attempting a new spell or bit of magic. This is not realistic. No character, be it student or professor, is going to know everything, or be able to do everything.

    XI. Players should attempt to post at least one quality post every other week. (A quality post is a post of more than 300 words if a solo posts or 600 words if a joint post. (See the Theta Fleet rules at

    XII. Players will be contacted with a JP starter if there is a period of two or more weeks since your last login or will be added to or nudged in an existing JP.

    XIII. Players will be Contacted via email and IM If there has been no activity for over a month.

    XIX. Players will be moved to inactive if they have not posted for more than 6 weeks and where not listed as LOA or ELOA.

    XX. Super hero characters, meta-gaming, and god-modding is not allowed. We may all slip up from time to time however, everyone is expected to do there best to present there characters in as realistic and flawed a manner as would be expected in reality.

    XXI. Any posts that are perceived to contain meta-gaming will be reviewed by the Hogwarts leadership. If the concerns are deemed to have merit the offending player will either be contacted via IM by a member of Hogwarts leadership and given an opportunity to alter the post to rewrite the offending sections or the post will be deleted.

      XXII. Players are asked to pass concerns of meta-gaming or harassment to the Hogwarts leadership for deal with, We ask that you not take things into your own hands to avoid harassment. A gentle nudge or OOC note is permissible. If it is a PM, please CC the Headmistress and Deputy Headmistress.

      XXIV. Habitual meta-gaming is detrimental to a sim and detracts from the fun other players can have in character. For this reason the Hogwarts Leadership reserves the right to remove players that habitually meta-game if all attempts to counsel the offending players are met with resistance or complaining and the behavior continues.

      XXV. If two (or more) characters are in dispute over the results of a confrontation and cannot resolve it themselves, they should invite one of the leadership team into the post to act as a moderator of the dispute. Characters are expected to follow the resolution offered by this moderator without argument.

      XXVI. Awards - Once a month, awards may be nominated by the players.

      XXVII. Award nominations must be in by the 7th of the month following the month for which the award was nominated. Players are encouraged to nominate awards for other players.