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state of the Sim

Posted on Monday, 25th of March, 2013 @ 11:16am by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

So everyone knows what's going on. :)

First, the sim is NOT dead. We have a number of posts waiting for the three challenge posts to finish.

There are three posts in development with the three different teams. Hogwarts, Beaubatons and Salem. They will be posted at the same time.

Why? Because to be as fair as we can on who wins the TriWizard Tournament, the champions will be judged based on their posts. The team that solves the challenge the best wins. So, all posts will wait until they are completed and then be posted.

These posts happen the morning of October 31st. That evening there is a Halloween Ball (another post in progress).

Josh decided that the ball will be a costumed event, so everyone wh has already tagged in needs to go in and put their character in a costume.

After the ball, we have the murder. That post is done and waiting for the others to be posted first.

Feel free to do some character development posts along the way. And keep up with the open JPs. Todd and I are feeding information to Beauxbatons and Salem for the tournament. Hogwartws is farther ahead, so we're not copying what the other teams are doing.

Josh, who is not a champion, came up with the riddles so that Todd and I didn't know what they were in advance. (That makes it more fun for us. lol)

We will proably skip the winter break and go into the second challenge and some classes.

We should have a friendly Quidditch match as well. This will be between schools.

If you have ideas or suggestions, let us know@


Maggie MacAulay
Deputy Headmistress


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