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Site Changes

Posted on Thursday, 18th of April, 2013 @ 4:16pm by Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe

Well, there have been some changes here at Hogwart's. The site has been revamped a bit, mostly cosmetics and some repairs to things that were "broken" (The login, for example, which comes out of the box broken for security purposes.)

The cosmetic changes involve the replacement of the standard font with a pretty script-style font (not in the input or textareas mind you), the unlocking of the screen width, brightening of the different darker text colors to make things easier to read, renaming some of the menu items, and locking the main menu to the top of the screen.

With the site looking better, it's time to begin to get down to business. I realize that with spring break, real life and a variety of other things going on that we've all slacked off a bit on posting. We need to get back on track on this and get things moving again, so if you all could please catch up on your tags, it would really be appreciated.

Johnathan Heartseed,
Headmaster, Hogwarts


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Category: Sim Announcement