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To all good things...

Posted on Sunday, 28th of April, 2013 @ 8:06pm by Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe

Ok, I hate doing this, but we've been stuck on Halloween since... before halloween. Please tag up as much as possible into the Challenge posts as possible, they will be posted on WEDNESDAY, May 1st, finished or not.

The rest of the Halloween posts will be posted Sunday, May 5th.

In the meantime, the Admins will be discussing some changes to how things are run here to make the experience a little more exciting and active for everyone, including some specialized small side plots to start. If any of the players have ideas to throw into the mix, contact myself (Professor Heartseed), Charlie (Professor MacAuley), Voz (Professor Goldric) or Josh (Evan Grant) with your ideas and we'll be sure to throw some additional twists in before unleashing them on their unfortunate vic... errr, the lovely students they best fit.

Professor Johnathan Heartseed,
Hogwarts Headmaster.


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