October state of the simm

Posted on Tuesday, 1st of November, 2011 @ 5:17am by Professor Kathryn Merryweather

Hey Kids,

I just want to congratulate you all on a great month at Hogwarts. This months report card left us with a A3P of 8 for the month of October.

1. This month I would like to award "The NPC of the Month Award" to Rasputin the snake he has been the source of comic Relief.

2. I am Awarding Reg and Jen the "Pink Tea Rose Award for Budding Romance."

3. The Player Voz Has received the "Jack Benny Award for Humor."

4. Cassandra Crump has been awarded the "Hermione Granger Award for Academic Excellence."

5. Roddrick Gradbury has been awarded the "Deviously Demented Award for Detention."

6. Rita Garrett has been awarded the "Hogwarts Express Award for Rapid Departure."

I also need votes for Players Choice Award and post of the month for October with in the next 10 days.

Again thanks for all your hard work it has made this simm a fun and exciting distraction in this mundane world.

Deputy Headmistress Kathryn Merryweather



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