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Wiki Down

Posted on Friday, 31st of May, 2013 @ 7:10am by Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe

The Hogwart's wiki is going to be down for a while. I told a few of you that I was having problems with spam bots hitting the wiki, creating accounts full of spam links. Well last night it hit a crescendo. Since then, the spam bots had been hitting the wiki so hard that I got a call this morning telling me that the account (RPGS-R.Us) had been hogging resources to the point that it was making sites across the server time out.

What's going to happen: I'm afraid that the damage done to the wiki are serious enough that I'm going to have to install a new copy of mediawiki, harden it to prevent further intrusions (including using the bad bot lists from, the ban lists accumulated from various copies of my CMS (Sorry UA, CN, RU, etc- well not really) as well as email verification of accounts and email address verification before that and login captcha). I may be going overboard by hardening it that much, but the problem was serious enough to degrade server performance and I really don't want to lose my hosting, nor the hosting for the entire RPGs-R.US family of sites.


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