Hogwarts Makeover!

Posted on Tuesday, 8th of August, 2017 @ 8:40pm by Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson

Hey all! Your resident Prefect Ravenclaw here!

I've taken the liberty of waving my totally awesome magic wand and given the Hogwarts website a complete makeover! I hope our headmistress doesn't mind...

We have a nice shiny new skin, complete with moving portraits, but be careful they answer back in riddles. My poor second year chaser has been stuck on the fourth floor behind one for several days now...

Oh and I've also fixed our uniforms (Also known as Ranks). So get on your robes, pull out your quills and lets get some stuff happening in this wonderful castle. Otherwise I'm going to have to resort to doing tricks on the Quidditch pitch again!

Oh wait, is that my head of house calling me? Damn, I think he's coming this way.

See you in class!

Millie Anderson
7th Year Ravenclaw Prefect



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