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Second Year (G) Robin Maxwell

Name Robin Thomas Maxwell

Position Gryffindor

Rank Second Year (G)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human/ Muggle Born
Age 12
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand Description Made of Tiger wood with an Ashwinder Ash Core at 14 inch length being smooth and Supple.
Magical Possessions Rosewood Leaf on a leather necklace from his Grandfather. The shade of red in the rose feels warmer in proportion to injury of person .

An old style 'Skeleton Key' that open or Locks doors, under more powerful spell can put a wizard lock upon chest, books , ect.

Paper for Japanese calligrphay Charms
Pet 3 legged Gray Cat (Tripod) half cat / Kneazle

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ft 4 in
Weight 97 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Robin is a well proportioned boy with the legs being well tones from Bicycle riding. His hair is always slightly disheveled and his clothing was rushed but still rushed to put on yet acceptable most of the time. He had piercing eyes and a voice that is pleasant in both pitch and tone. He has a slim stature of a fencer and runner. He carries himself with some grace as his fasmily were closer to upper middle class.

Out of class and the formal robes he wears slacks, a Collared shirt and vest style sweater and usually a ball cap with a golf logo on it. He can be found often in loose fitting clothes that allow him to move more. HE is mindful of his footware in he prefers sneakers to the more formal shoes and wears loafers more often as they are comfortable and he likes them.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Likes Kairi of Huflepuff.
Children N/A
Father Russell
Mother Faye

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robin tends to try really hard to get his spell right. He is more of a supportive sort who likes to help other. He relies on the fact he was chosen to be in Hogwarts and that he is there for a reason. He is constantly amazed at what magic can do and is constantly trying to learn more to be better with friends . He is not sure what sort of a Wizard he wishes to be as yet so is constantly trying new 'angles' to things. His reluctance of his first studies gave way to an opening of his mind as to what he would do with his magic; he wanted to be a type of hero and protect people, he found that charms and potions were facinating to him.

He has a good disposition and is a sort of problem solver, he will use what he knows and adapt as he tries to make things fit. To him magic is a constant 'adaptation' to his life. Magic is NOT his whole life as it is a newly found aspect of it. Hew has a small desire to be like a hero; thought his lower esteem tends to subdue his ego to push the boundaries. He has a tendency to get in over his head initially it seems but adapts well and using his 'common sense' he says he gets from his muggle roots, to solve his problems. Magic is a strong tool for him to do better things in life.

He has taken to writing calligraphy and is learning the written language of Japan more quickly that the spoken words.

He has a humorous wit with some of his comments but is not malicious with his words. He will often try to talk his way out of things as a rule but has an impulsive nature when it comes to odds he feels he cannot win so he will try something brash to get him through on as shock value and surprise to get the drop on his opponents. Hit and run tactics are not all that bad to him as he has not had the years the pure breeds have to master this so he 'cheats' by evening the odds a little in his favor. He is uncomfortable with conflict and tried to cease the conflict by whatever means he can.

Robin is shy to the observer and can be without wit when it comes to girls; his weakness is that he finds them fascinating and also loses his 'common sense' to a pretty girl. He is not a ladies man; he is shy around them and if he likes a girl it is more so but he will also protect them and will be more aggressive if he sees a girl in distress; it brings out a side he does not often use.
Strengths & Weaknesses + studies well
+ Loyal
+Creative uses of magic
+ Good at following through with tasks

+/ - Lucky

- Overzealous about working magic.
- Idolizes powerful Wizards
- He tends to have his fencing style of wand casting.
Ambitions To become a swashbuckler style wizard and change things where he can for the better in the world and especially for his friends and family.
Hobbies & Interests Fencing
Bicycle riding
acrobatics/ Tumbling
Studies Swashbucklers.
Locks and cryptic
Golf (not especially good , more like a caddy)
Learning Japanese Writing Calligophy and language.
Language and Accent English with more Proper English style

Personal History Robin was raised in a house where his Dad was a businessman in the shipping and Logistics field. His mother was home to help make sure Robin had everything he needed. He was enrolled in private school from pre-school up. While his parents were well –off they were the lower of the rich class

Robin was always fascinated with legends of magic and studied them. When he was eight he was able to talk his parents into getting him a pet. He naturally decided on a cat thinking it was cool and less of a hassle than a dog. He soon found a cat with what he thought was a very expressive face; almost as though it understood him. He naturally bonded with the cat right off and the fact the cat was missing the left front leg did not bother him at all. He named the young cat Tripod.

The first signs of his have magical ability is that he can understand his Cat, the fact he talked with it as a person was thought to be a sign of his insecurity yet he was socal on most levels.

He kept the cat close; made a bed for it in the basket on the front of his bike and generally kept the cat occupied as he found himself being looked at strange as he would talk to the cat. There was a soon time after that he was being chased by some older boys on his bike. He was riding towards the Bridge as the lights started to flash, he nearly missed the dropping warning arms, putting his head down he pedaled as fast as he could as it was get across the bridge or face three bullies bent on his harm.

When he finally was tired and felt he could not keep up the pace he looked up just as his front tire landed on the other side of the bridge and the two halves were fully raised. He slowed his pedaling and coasted to a halt. The three boys were on the other side of the river.

"What happened there Tripod?" He glanced at the cat who stared back. "don't give me that questionable look; you were watching I was pedaling?"

Needless to say his escape made him a bit of a 'strange one' in the bully circles and he was left alone out of lack of understanding which tends to lead most Muggles to shay away.

When he got his letter from Hogwart he was excited and amazed at the oppurtunity he was given as being 'Totally Cool' and could not wait to get started. His parents were able to get him some funding to cover his costs and a little spending money on the side.

He vowed to make the choice of Hogswart to accept him a valued decision by both sides of the deal. He knew he would have to work hard as he was coming in without a magical background so he determined to get the hang of it as fast as he could.

Through his First year he was a bungler for the most part and prone to physical bit of lack of coordination, and his Wand technique was his biggest hindrance because of the length of his wand. He would get the spells right just had a factor of hesitation in the delivery. It was a bit of talk among the teachers that he might not be as good a wizard and doomed ot me a 'side show style' magician.

It was during the summer vacation between first and Second Year that his father had business in Japan; while over there Maxwell studied under a Japanese Wizard to learn the ART of the pre-made charms written with calligraphy on sheets of paper to be activated and used. His fine penmanship and artistic writing paid off as he began delving into the Japanese style of Charms and wards as well an as intense 3 months of additional education in the Japanese language.

By his second year Robin is becoming more comfortable with his magic and control; he especially liked the potions and charms and the type of Magic he called 'Locks' as the cryptic style intrigued him. With his voice he seemed able to in-cant the words very clearly as he thought of magic like a bit of a lyric to help him pace the spell and not rush it in nervous chant.

His instructor taught him the 'proper' method of Wand Control which He followed to the exacting letter but still had problems. Where he did excell was in his spell casting; it seemed he had an understanding of what he called the 'cryptic mechanics' of a spell and the importance of choosing the correct elements of a potion or enchantment. Also the precision of a spell was brought to light and the lack of want control would often make his spells not work as well and him seem still a 'Clumsy Muggle.'

His only solace and comfort came from his 'golf game' that he used to steady his thoughts and concentrate. His set up routine took him from his youth until teens to really get to where he could be so consistent in varied six tenths of a second no matter what his shot. He also had a talent for drowning out all the things around him of no importance listening only for key phrases like 'fore' being yelled as a caution. This talent he master in golf and he decided to try it in his magic.

It was a mild stone in his learning; looked at the length of his wand and rather than the 'casting of a fishing pole like action: the back towards the shoulder the extend, he flicked his wrists like he did his fencing, focusing on his wand like the tip of his foil gave him better concentration on where to channel his magic. The Wand took to this as though it had been trying to tell him that all along that it was becoming a part of him and comfortable with how he would use it. He started to practice his wand more like a weapon in a tournament and he found the magic flowed more raeadily through it, that he did have power to use.

During the Summer Break his father was called to Japan; since it was a long project Robin and his mother were allowed to tag along. Doing some studying before his departure he did manage to havwe contact with a Japanese practitioner of the Magical Arts. Upon arrival he was taken on as a student; the emphasis of this Magician was charms and wards; he began to explain and instruct Robin on the Art of Calligophy in charm spells. Robin was a fast study and quickly l;earned the mose rudementary levels of the art, his sketching and painting also helped him advance his art of making Wards and Charms.

Returning to England just days before the start of the new year had allowed him little time to make the needed connections through Olavander's for teh inks and paper he will need to continue his studies. During the school year his mother had returned to Japan to be with her husband; Robin would return to Japan after the school year for the summer.

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