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Third Year (S) Virgil Constantine

Name Virgil Constantine

Position Slytherin

Rank Third Year (S)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Pure Blood/ Half-Vampire
Age 14
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Description 9" inch inflexible African Blackwood with a Runespoor Fang core
Magical Possessions Magic Tarot Card Deck: Like a standard Goth looking tarot deck, but the images on the cards move and loop.

Constantine Crest Locket: A silver locket with the crest of the Constantine family engraved on it. Inside is a picture of his mother.

Enchanted Skull Bag: A black leather backpack with a skulls where the lock should be. The skull will open his mouth and unlock the bag when Virgil or the password is spoken.

Constantine Spell Notebook: A small notebook, unlocked by a password, with spells and incantations written by his mother. It has a variety of spells which he is still learning to do. Each spell has its own different effects.

Puck's Whistle and Enchanted Collar: A small black fairy sized collar with spikes on it. When Virgil blows the whistle, which has a somber tone to it, the spikes glow and Puck is signaled to return back to where ever Virgil is. The collar is enchanted with a spell that will allow the fairy to be hit with any type of freezing or transfiguring spell, however the effects only last for about 30 seconds until the collar emits a counter curse which releases Puck, giving him the change to fly away.

Two Boxes of Mini-Blood-flavoured Lollipops: For when the urge strikes. He always manages to keep a lollipop on him at all times. It keeps the urges down and often keeps him calm.
Patronus (5th year and up) Hyena
Pet Trained and De-Venomized Doxy (Puck), Jarvey (Rodney Dee)

Physical Appearance


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend None Yet
Children None
Father (Adoptive Guardian) Minister of Magic Artimus Gauloton IV, (Actual Father)Mister Arthur Gauloton, Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
Mother (Adoptive Guardian) Hailey Gauloton, (Actual Mother) Madam Fiona Constantine [Vampire, Witch]
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Virgil is the poster boy for trouble. He has a constant attitude that he is better then everyone else. This makes him come off as fearless and unrelenting. He also has a habit of going overboard on his pranks, landing him in deeper trouble and only narrowly escaping it because of his adoptive guardian, the Minister Of Magic. Virgil is a constant flirt and always seems to have a girl on the side, but it doesn't mean he isn't looking for that certain someone. He is often seen as promiscuous and always on the look out for the next thing to get his blood pumping.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Intelligent
+ Knowledgeable Of Magical Creatures and Beings
+ Connected in the Ministry Of Magic
+ Romantic and Poetic
- Aggressive
- Constant Prankster
- No afraid to resulting to Muggle Dueling

Half Vampire Traits

+ Can see in the dark better then most people
+ Slightly Faster and Stronger
+ Agile
+ Doesn't burn up(OR SPARKLE) in sunlight.
+/- Wounds heal fast when drinking blood or sucking on a Mini Blood-Flavoured Lollipop.
- Becomes dangerously hostel
- Allergic to Garlic
- Holy Water burns his skin
Ambitions To find out what happened to his mother. To become a powerful and feared wizard. To be around when the Ministry accepts Vampires and to hurt Vampire-Phoebes. To not be afraid to say he is a half vampire and proud.
Hobbies & Interests Pranks, Reading, Poetry, History, Dark Magic, Causing Trouble, Learn more about Vampires, Learn more about his mother, Learn about his father, Hexes, Curses

Personal History Will Fill In Later