Seventh Year (H) Kayla Burks

Name Kayla J. Burks

Position Hufflepuff

Rank Seventh Year (H)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Muggleborn - Half Blood
Age 17
Hogwarts House Hufflepuff
Wand Description willow, unicorn tail, 11 inches
Magical Possessions A Necklace of Ice

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Kayla is a little short for her age. She is also quite petite- this makes her small, but she does make up for it in personality. She's quite skinny, thanks to not being of high class, and having to battle with starvation and hard times. She is left handed, but she'd rather keep this unfortunate fact a secret.

She has curly brown hair that falls past her shoulders, and large brown eyes that look innocent, but really have a mischievous glint in them.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Kayla is very cheeky. She loves pulling pranks and having a laugh. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and is very witty and cynical. She does care, though, and is incredibly loyal to those she cares about. If you betray her, however, you're bound to have made a deadly foe. She's incredibly brave, and is willing to speak her mind if it's for the greater good. She as a very good sense of reality, and she is always rather grounded when it comes to making her decisions. She hates being all dreamy-eyed or lost in her own mind, and she is always there if people need decent advice. She is, however, rather violent when it comes to her temper. She also has a low tolerance is she doesn't like you very much, and she is tougher than she seems.

Personal History There is a tiny part of Kayla that regrets her childhood. She was a good little girl, and she always did as she was told. She never put a foot out of line, and as mother said, Kayla did. She often finds it sickening when she thinks back on it. She was the perfect child- did as she was told, dressed well, kept her mouth shut and accepted punishment.

She was well-educated for a Lower Class child, but not exactly educated in a conventional way. Her father loved to get her out on the street, working hard to help them get their living. He showed her the wonders of magic and asked that when she went to Hogwarts, she would be a hard-working student and give it her everything. He didn't want her failing, and she had the right mind to not even think about failing for a second.

When her oldest brothers ran away to try and make a life for themselves, it left Kayla, now the oldest in the family, to carry the families weight.

And then her Hogwarts letter came. Rather convenient, actually, supplying in her families move to Hogsmeade. Once their heritage was discovered, their fellow villagers drove them out in fear.

She was rather successful in Hogwarts, and has gotten good grades. She's a very dedicated student, and she loves Hogwarts. She wishes she could be there forever.