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Seventh Year (DS) Jacen Targaryen

Name Jacen Targaryen

Position Salem Exchange Students

Rank Seventh Year (DS)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human/Pure blood
Age 16
Hogwarts House Salem student
Wand Description 13 1/4 inch, Hawthorn with a Pheonix feather core
Magical Possessions Nimbus 2001 (though he bearly uses it)

Flask of essence of dittany
Animagi Form none
Patronus (5th year and up) Wolf
Pet Black and white husky, lucian. He follows Jacen practically every where

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Jacen has an average height and build with short black hair and Blue eyes. he has several Tattoos over his body but the only one noticeable is the large X like one on his neck

He often wears a black leather Jacket and pants


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend None
Children None
Father Cyrus Targaryen (dead)
Mother Raven Targaryen (St Mungo's paitent)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Morgan Targaryan (known dark witch)
Other Family None known to him

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacen is an intelligent young man, but is also very secretive. His outer persona is one of a hard, unfeeling person. Indifferent to anything or anyone around him.

Strengths & Weaknesses Jacen is an adept spell caster and potion maker. However he has difficulty with transfiguration and divination. His best subject is Defence against the Dark Arts where he's not only shown an inate skill at defending against curses, but also at casting them.
Ambitions To overcome the stigma of being the child of two death eaters and become an auror
Hobbies & Interests Reading, ancient and older forms of magic
Language and Accent English (North American accent)

Personal History Born to Cyrus and Raven Targaryen, Jacen was their second child after his older sister Morgan. During most of his early life, his father groomed him to follow in his footsteps. This all changed when his father was killed during the short but intense blood-feud between his family and another pureblood family, the Dragomir's. With his father dead, his mother tried her best to raise both him and his sister but she was barely able to hold her own life together. eventualy his sister Morgan snapped after years of fighting with her mother and attacked both of them. Jacen was forced to fight off his own sister with his mothers wand. after his sister ran away, Jacen did his best to help his mother but she slowly went insane with grief. This forced Jacen to raise himself. The day Jacen receaved his letter from the Salem Witches' Institute, Jacen's aunt took him to get his school supplies.

Jacen found his first year hard, as he would often be picked on by the other pureblood students as news of his family's 'loss' to the Dragomirs, a much smaller pureblood family, had spread quickly. In response to this, Jacen would often get into trouble by cursing the other students whenever they picked on him.

by the end of his second year, he'd built quiet a reputation and people actively avoided him and would often go quiet when he entered a room.

the next few years went without incident. his grades were above average in almost all of his classes with transfiguration being the only glaring exception. His opinion on the 'Purebloods only' rhetoric he'd been born into started to change as he became more and more accustom to living and going to class with both half-bloods and muggle borns.