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Lotus Blossom

Name Lotus Blossom

Position Being

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Faire
Age ***
Hogwarts House ***
Magical Possessions She is a magical possession of sorts.

Physical Appearance

Height 9 in
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lotus Blossom is about 9 inches tall; easily double the size of average adult fairy, she likes to wear a brightly colored adornments in her blonde hair and has a soft expression mixed with Mischief and innocence. She wears a white a-frame dress that clings to her well and the Bloomers under the skirt help keep her modesty while in flight should she not be proper or in a panic as some creature chases her. Her ballet style shoes lace half way up her leg to the knee. Her wings are a little larger than most and the pattern within is like a silver lining of a could on a bright day.

She often has chocolate on her dainty hands and sometimes her face, she expressive like a child when caught doing wrong. She will smile and try to 'cute' her way out of it, some say that is one of her abilities as a magical creature to get away with it?


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend As if.
Children None
Father **
Mother **

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lotus Blossom is as pretty as her name sake in that she has a mischievious Innocence like a small child in her. She is impulsive upon occasion and quite obsessed once a thought has entered her mind. She has an obsession with CHocolate and will take great lengths to get it. The elves of the Kitchen have had to shoo her out a lot of late.

She does not do anything out of spite but more of couriosity; she is more intellegent than most Faire Folks. She seems the antithisus of a usual Faire, she is kind and caring. Skittish of course, but will be more open to interact with oher beings in a friendly way. SHe has a soft spot for animals, they are 'friends' until they chase her. Her flight capability is quite good since her innocence has gotten her into trouble a lot.

She likes the "Big Beings in Growing Stages' and will often watch them from a safe vantage point. Possibly waiting a chance to 'acquire' some chocolate. She is reserved and hides her actions a lot out of fear of getting caught and the 'Cruel things' that people or other creatures and minions would do to her.

She is a social creature and misunderstood, her 'people' are not as nice and much to Lotus Bloosom's sadness her first impression tends to not be favorable even before Lotus does anything. She feels sorry for the one called Tiger Lily as it seems she is always causing trouble just before Lotus Blossom arrives to get blamed.

She is timid and maybe masochistic as she still tries to be friendly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Pros

'Cute' Effect
Loyal to thoise she favors.
willing to be friendly.


Faire reputation gets her in trouble
Tends to 'sneak/ steal' chocolate or sweets that tickle her fancy
unknowingly mischievous due to curiosity
Hides and scurries about.
Ambitions To be friends with someone who will give her lots of this 'chocolate.'
Hobbies & Interests CHocolate
making frinds