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Evil Minion Tiger Lily

Name Tiger Lily

Position Minion

Second Position Watcher

Rank Evil Minion

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Faire (Evil)
Age ***
Hogwarts House Evil Minion
Wand Description N/A
Magical Possessions She is a magical possession at present.

Physical Appearance

Height 9 in
Hair Color black
Eye Color dark Blue
Physical Description Tiger Lily is a demure Faire; despite being double the size of most fairie Folk, who clads herself in a black a square dress; as every woman knows a LBD never goes out of fashion. She carries herself with a air of superiority even among Faire Folk. Her expressions always hint at mischief unless irritated. Then she is just plan beautifully not happy, even her grin hints at her nature, mischief.

She is quite aware of her appearance and used her darker features to her advantage as she 'Dashing about her tasks.' Her wings are like a star filled night and can reflect light in an attractive way.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend N/A
Children N/A
Father ***
Mother ***
Brother(s) ***

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tiger Lily is aloof; she finds the company of other fairies boring and prefers to occupy herself with some plan she has thought of. What makes her more unique is she attached herself to a real witch of a woman. The scary kind that with a dark smile might even appear not so evil, and Tiger Lily has taken that trait onto herself.

Her voice is pleasant and she can sound even innocent with her true pitch control.

She does like 'pretty things' and especially those images of lovely ones in the Farie Folk. She has been known to destroy those images without remorse.

She uses trickery and all her little feminine wilds to her advantage for wha chaos she wishes to create. She loves SMoke and mirrors to obscure the obvious.
Strengths & Weaknesses (In the evil use)

Thinks outside most vantage points
can manipulate
soft and alluring voice
Is dedicated to her goals


CHildren are a soft point that breaks her concentration
Superior to all beieth her
Gets caught sometimes with her mischief
Ambitions Control of her dreaded enemies.

Personal History Tiger Lily came from the belief that Muggles cursed her people; that she alone need help her Maser with the plans that will assure her continued exsistence.

Tiger Lily is a magical manifestation of a latent fear; she is able to move about as she becomes a shadow as her dark conception allows. Unlike most Farie Folk she came about with natural magic from the dark arts.

Her thrust into the plane of existence is for the sole purpose of the curse; her only driving force is that whim of her Master; the one she studies and watches.

Tiger Lily realized early the biggest danger to her; her 'coming out' on a moonless night in teh rain left her cold and no comfort, she admits the tears she felt in her being brought forth were lost in the raindrops that seemed to fall upon her with a heavy weight.

She follows her Master alone; hiding in plain site; her 'gift' of magical conception is the ability to 'vanish' until called upon.