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First Year (G) Grace Kelly

Name Grace Patricia Kelly

Position Gryffindor

Rank First Year (G)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Full blood
Age 11
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand Description 12 " holly with phoenix feather
Magical Possessions lesser invisibility cloak
2 ancient books handed down: potions one from 1542 and herbology from 1768
Pet Owl

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 112
Hair Color red
Eye Color brown
Physical Description long red hair in French braids
tall and lanky
dark brown eyes, almost black


Father John B Kelly
Mother Margaret Katharine Mejer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Pretty laid back
Smart without being show-offy
Willing to work for what she wants
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: ability to work with others
Ability to play quiddich
potions and herbology

Weaknesses: hates her freckles
hates bullying
Ambitions To work at Hogwars
Hobbies & Interests quiddich
wizarding chess (and is horrible at it)
dance (cause all her muggle friends did it)
Scouts (cause all her muggle friends did it)
Language and Accent French

Personal History Grace Kelly was born into a wizarding family who had enough money. Not too much like Harry Potter but not too little like the Weasleys. Her grandparents got her her own vault when she was born and deposited money into it on a regular basis. She knows about it. Since it was closed to her until she turned 11 and was going to Hogwart's, she never entered it. She was surprised at the amount of money that was in it when it was opened. She took out just enough money to get all of her school supplies as well as an extra 100 galleons for anything she would need at school.

At three, her mother enrolled her into a dance class with her best muggle friend's four year old daughter. Ever since that day, Grace had always taken at least three dance classes a week. Until she left for school, that is. Her friend was upset to find out that Grace was leaving, but understood that the best schools did not exist anywhere close to the neighborhood. Well, that is what Grace told her.

She was a Girl Guide as well. She had been enrolled at the second that she was old enough. Margaret had loved being a Guide as a child and was able to continue as a Guide even after she left to go to Hogwarts. It was easy to stay in communications, Margaret told Grace, just by doing the work and then sending it by owl to a specific address who would then take it and put it into muggle mail. One the first of every month, a bill would be sent to Grace, telling her how much she owed the person on the other end of the owl for postage, in galleons. This had been in place for many years, according to Margaret and John. It had never failed any of the wizards who attended Hogwarts. This ticked Grace to no end. She was not forced to give it up.