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Second Year (H) Kairi Scorchleigh

Name Kairi Rose Scorchleigh

Position Hufflepuff

Rank Second Year (H)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Human - Half Blood
Age 12
Hogwarts House Hufflepuff
Wand Description River Red Gum, 8 1/2 inches. Flexible, Phoenix feather core with decorated shaft
Magical Possessions Heart shaped locket called a Heart Keeper. Enchanted to be able to hold memories and the emotions that can come with them.

A 'bottomless' satchel bag.

Feather Stone: A small river stone, smooth and polished. Allows the user some understanding and communication with birds.
Pet Maya - Belted Kingfisher (Male)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 65 kgs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A rather pretty young girl, starting to develop some curves. A somewhat sun kissed look to her with shoulder length brown hair that she tends to keep half pinned back. She has eyes that had been called deep, mysterious and 'chocolate' in colour.

likes to keep to a rather feminine touch when out of school robes; dresses and skirts, likes wearing a lot of Red, Orange and Yellow.


Father Augustus Scorchleigh
Mother Bella Scorchleigh
Other Family Aunt Serena 'Rini' - Kairi's guardian. Lives in a quiet little village. She grows and sells food and magical supplies.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A rather sweet, bubbly and friendly girl. Very shy around new people and new situations. She has been known to have panic attacks when pushed too hard. Kairi is a girl that is at home around Animals as much as humans. New to the world of Magic; she is curious and eager.

A very gentle soul, it can take a lot to hurt her but she will feel it for a long time to come. Kairi is someone who enjoys helping others and stays very loyal to the few family and friends around her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Gentle, sweet and trusting
+ Willingness to help others even if it means harm to herself.
+ Curious and eager to learn, to the point of trying to find out for herself.
+ Caring and in touch with nature

- Can get a little too consumed in things.
- Sometimes too shy at a critical moment
- Prone to panic attacks
- Curiosity and dedication can come back to bite her
Ambitions Kairi had heard that within the history of her family line that the Animagus ability was almost a generational trait.

She hopes to be a good student, make her family proud and possibly to be come the next generation Animagus in her family line.
Hobbies & Interests - Spending time outdoors
- Reading
- Painting
- Dancing
Language and Accent English - Distinctive Australian accent

Personal History Kairi's family were 'Country Hoppers' for a lot of her childhood; staying in the one place for only a couple of years before moving on. She saw a lot of things not many children get to see in their childhood. Immersed in different cultures every couple of years, it gave her a unique perspective and outlook.

Somewhat used to change but not always liking it; Kairi had her favourite places, Australia, Japan.....and a few more that she wanted to visit but that all changed when they spent some time with family in England. In a freak tragedy both her mother and father were taken away from Kairi in a car accident.

From the age of Nine she stayed with her Aunt Serena. 'Auntie Rini' as she preferred to be called was the one to introduce Kairi to the world of Magic and prepare her when the time came to go off to Hogwarts.
Individual Course List Typical full enrolment for First Year.