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Fifth Year (S) Alessandra Morgensen

Name Alessandra Carianne Morgensen

Position Slytherin

Rank Fifth Year (S)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Pureblood Witch
Age 15
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Description Length: 12 1/2 In Wood: Ebony Core: Basilisk Skin Flexibility: Rigid The wand is adorned with musical notes and symbols, with a musical staff and melody spiraling from top to bottom.l n
Magical Possessions Music Box



Patronus (5th year and up) Leopard
Pet Northern Hawk Owl

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 106 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description At first glance, Alessandra seems like just another student amongst the masses. Quiet and unimposing, she has the appearance of somebody who just wants to disappear into the crowd. But by looking closely into her eyes, one can detect the edges of the inner strength that Allesandra possesses. There is a darkness to her aura that carries over to her personality, and subtle nuances eluding to this trait can be detected by close observation.


Father Kjetil Morgensen
Mother Synnøve Morgensen
Sister(s) Cathrine Morgensen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alessandra has a passion for the arts that has been cultivated by her parents from her infancy. When not attending class of other required activities, one will often find her in a practice room or dance studio working on new ideas and concepts. However, recently her interest in the Dark Arts has begun to consume more and more of her time. In fact, her pursuit of this knowledge is the reason why her parents removed her from Durmstrang, transferring her to Hogwarts in hopes that their policy against the study of the Dark Arts would turn her attention back to her artistic studies. Alessandra has an inner strength that carries over into everything that she pursues, and she will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alessandra's greatest strength is in her gifts in music and dance, both of which she showed an aptitude for early in her life. She has been classically trained in voice and piano since she was 4 years old, and started ballet lessons when she was 6. As she progressed through her first years of school at Durmstrang, she began to learn how to intermingle her musical abilities with her spell casting. Also, as would be expected of somebody with her artistic talents, she has a high level of concentration and retention, as well as the ability to perform several tasks simultaneously.

Her greatest weakness...although there are those who would not classify it as such...would have to be her attraction to the Dark Arts. Additional, she is extremely ambitious when it comes to her arts, and she will not hesitate to step on or shove aside those who stand in the way of her goals.
Ambitions To be the best at whatever she pursues. Period.
Hobbies & Interests Musical Composition, Improvisational Dance, Sketching, and Ancient Dark Forms of Subjugation.
Language and Accent English with a Nordic Accent, although this disappears when she is singing.

Personal History Alessandra comes from a pureblood family with a long lineage of practitioners of the Dark Arts. However, it was the hope of her parents that she would not follow the same path that her family was so well known for, and instead cultivated her natural artistic talents. Visits to her Grandparents and other family members homes were always closely monitored by her parents to minimize the scope of influence that they would impose upon her. For the most part, they were successful. That was, until she was enrolled in Durmstrang.

Her first years were relatively free of any of the influences of the dark practitioners. But in her third year, Alessandra's path came to divergence due to the simplest of occurrences. As her studies progressed, it quickly became obvious that her wand, which had been provided for her by her father, was just not a suitable match for her. In fact, she spent more time fighting with it than actually pursuing her studies. One of her counselors was a longtime family friend, and as such kept her Grandparents on her Fathers side appraised of her progress, or in this case the lack thereof. So one weekend, her Grandmother decided to pay Alessandra a short visit...a visit with only one purpose in mind: To change the direction of her development. And to facilitate this, she gave Alessandra the one item that would ensure that she would return to the proper course of development to that which was her heritage.

She gave Alessandra her wand.

The bond was instantaneous and strong...and Alessandra loved it.

During the course of the remainder of her third year, her aptitude in her magical studies and abilities took a giant leap forward. However, in pursuing this course of study, she quickly began to discover that her artistic abilities had a natural connection to her pursuit of the magical arts. She began exploring methods of interweaving the two art forms together, and discovered an entirely new world, one that would consume her more and more with each passing year. And during all of this, she managed to conceal both her new found interests and the gifted wand from her parents. She was able to do so well into her fourth year as well...up until the point that her parents paid her a surprise visit two weekends before schools end. The changes in Alessandra's personality had not gone unnoticed by them, and their level of concern had risen to the point that they felt they needed to investigate what course of action had changed her so much in such little time. After speaking with several of her professors, who themselves felt that she was excelling in her studies, they realized that she had started down the path who's very existence they had worked so hard to keep Alessandra from even discovering. They also realized that the continued influence of Durmstrang would only encourage her to follow that path...this was evident from the enthusiasm that her professors exhibited in her direction of development during their meetings with them. Given this knowledge, they made what was, to them, the only logical course of action to be pursued. They arranged for Alessandra to be transferred beginning in her fifth year to Hogwarts, an institution that they knew would not allow her continued pursuit of her interests in the Dark Arts. But during this entire process, there was one small detail that managed to escape their attention. One that was concealed from them by Alessandra herself.

Her wand.