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Professor Euphemias Joseph

Name Euphemias Sean Joseph

Position Muggle Studies Teacher

Second Position Assistant Headmaster

Rank Professor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human, Pureblood
Age 52
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Description 14 In Straight Sturdy, Walnut with a Dragon Heart string and Basilisk skin mixed core. (Inherited)
Magical Possessions A pair of female bifocals that read in his deceased wife's voice.
Quick Quill

Pet Kneazle: Shere Khan

Physical Appearance

Height 1.89 M
Weight 235 lbs
Hair Color Black/ Gray
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Euphemias is a distinguished man in his mid fifth decade of life; he had the stature of a man who kept himself fit and his blue eyes are often referred to as 'piercing' in an attractive way as though he could look through you. The way he often tilts his head with a wide smile is endearing and shows a certain regal grace to it with his Welsh accent and deeper voice he has the air of a learned man.

His favorite clothing is turtleneck shirts and often a scarf about the neck; he fancies vests to add a bit of gentlemanly aspect to his attire for the majority of the time. He also has a passion for the softer soled shoes as he is comfortable in his hours of standing. He also has favor for short brimmed fedoras; quoting them as 'having a style that never fades.' He will wear the sports coats or blazers and a long coat during the school year.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Lily LaFaie
Children None
Father Thomas
Mother Effie
Other Family Grandmother: Elsa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Euphemias is a man who has been teaching for the 'retirement part of his life after he tire of making it as a wizard, he is of an old house and his blood is pure to be sure. He has an interest in the Muggle world; he fancies himself a 'Renaissance' man of sorts, he is exorbitant and a bit on the theatrical side. He is jovial and can be a bit absent minded about his studies and lessons; he has often referred to his 'Crystal of information' that is a treasured item passed down from his Grandmother.

Euphemias is a serious teacher in a subtle and entertaining way; he tends to use 'life's' lessons to help prepare his students for the future. He will quote from old text and saying he has picked up along the way. Mostly his 'sayings' are old slang terms decades out of date. He is a profssor that tries to make it interesting for others around him and enjoys conflicting conversations; taking one side; seemingly at random, just to spark conversation. He thrives in conflict.