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Third Year (S) Violet Price

Name Violet Genevieve Price

Position Slytherin

Rank Third Year (S)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Veela, Pureblood
Age 13
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Awards and Titles Crowned The Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Belle Sorciere Pageant For Two Years
Wand Description 9 inch, Rosewood and Veela Hair Core (From Grandmother), Sturdy,
Magical Possessions Two Enchanted Bracelets - Two bracelet's that suppress her pyrokinetic Veela ability. When these bracelets are on she cannot produce fireballs and/or her palms will not heat up.

Enchanted Necklace - A necklace that keeps her from transforming to her harpy-like form. This necklace will allow her to be angry, jealous, and scared without the fear of transforming.

"Magic" Mirror - An enchanted mirror that, not only acts as a mirror, but allows her to "peek" into rooms by way of other mirrors as long as they are within a certain range. This mirror also, similar to the magic mirror of fairy tale, will be self assuring by having her reflection always comment and boost up her confidence.

A Belle Sorciere Make-up box - A magical box that puts make up on its user. All make up items float on their own and begin applying without the need for the witch to handle them. This box holds the official seal of the Belle Sorciere Pageant to remind everyone that you are a winner of said crown.
Pet Venus (White Barn Owl), Madam Bonbon (Half Kneazle/Silver and Black Egyptian Mau)

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits