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Third Year (S) Aemrialis Nerion

Name Aemrialis Nerion

Position Slytherin

Rank Third Year (S)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Half-Merman/Half-Human. Half-Blood
Age 13
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Description 12.5" Spruce w/ Dragon Core, slightly yielding
Magical Possessions Enchanted Sea Shell necklace
That when active encases the wearer in a skintight bubble of water. For Merfolk out of the water it keeps them wet when water is not accessible. It will not work if there is a water source nearby, within 1 kilometer. A gift from Aemrialis' father in order to survive on land should he be far from water.

Enchanted Clam
The size of one's palm, two parts joined together at one side.
A gift from Aemrialis' mother for him to contact his Mer father and relatives while away from them at Hogwarts. The clam has enchanted water from the Mer village Aemrialis' father lives in and it is for visual communication. It's power only lasts up to 2 hours.

Enchanted Mist Bottle
This allows Aemrialis to spray himself when he gets too dry or hot which can lead to severe skin damage. The enchantment is a self re-filling charm that fills the bottle as it gets before half.
Pet Blue Sea Serpent - Named: Scales
The serpent had come to Aemrialis, when he was 8, as one that was cast out of his pack. The two shared a sense of being lost and without belonging, although Lis had both the Land and Sea that he felt drawn to while the other was absent. It still didn't help the young boy feel certain of anything. The serpent loved to coil around Lis' forearm and upper arm, sometimes around his calf or even around his neck while the two were together. He was also happy that he could bring Scales to Hogwarts when he turned 11.

Not really his pet but more his mother's pet, Screeches the Owl would deliver his mother's and sometimes his father's mail. The two has a semi friendship but it's more banter then real companionship.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 150 Ibs (heavier bone density due to Mer heritage)
Hair Color jet Black
Eye Color strong Blue
Physical Description Although appears to be human, several differences like skin colour, fish scales appear to be on his body in places both under and over his skin, webbed hands, gills where his ribs are and sometimes he can sprout fins if in the water for long periods of time. Thanks to his Mer heritage is from Greece but although not as overwhelming as Mermaids he is more attractive then the average human.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend No current boyfriends
Father Sirial Nerion
Mother Grace Braven

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sometimes resents his parents for having him. He does feel like his body is being torn into 2, the underwater Merman wanting to swim and play fighting with the landwalking wizard wanting to explore magic and soak up the sun. He enjoys Autumn the most as it's not too hot nor too cold. He has often suffered from heat stroke and dryness on more then one occasion due to his pursuit of knowledge. He had always wanted to go to Hogwarts since reading about the events of the school and their famous students' adventures. Of course Grace had kept all she had found about the school and her own magic sources for him to learn while Sirial groomed him to soon supercede him as their colony's leadership.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Sometimes can be a jerk, though he can somewhat sense if he goes too far.
- Not always able to admit he is wrong, can see errors when given evidence.
- Not content with what he can do or knows, so tends to overwork, or over study sometimes.
Ambitions Become a powerful Wizard and work to reunite this various Mer tribes.
Hobbies & Interests Watching Quidditch, Swimming, Skinny-Dipping, Reading, Researching, Talking to other sea creatures, Playing games with Scales.
Language and Accent English and Mermish

Personal History Born as a result of the fifth fling between Merfolk prince Sirial and a witch named Grace Braven. Although he had caused some issues in the pregnancy Aemrialis had been born underwater as the Mer have gills straight away. Later he had to also experience breathing oxygen out of the water as well. He learned much about his Mer brethren during the months he spent with his father, even Mer magic though not as complex as wizard, while the other months was with his mother learning all about her magic, the land, her family, friends, the current affairs of the wizarding world and so on.

Umm need a little help with what he could have done during the years he has been at Hogwarts since I'm not sure what he would have been apart of since the opening of the sim.
Individual Course List No idea what subjects there are to pick
Academic Record/Progress Not graduated yet so what's the point. lol