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Fourth Year (R) Aramis Aoi

Name Aramis Kazuma Aoi

Position Ravenclaw

Rank Fourth Year (R)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human- Half Blood
Age 14
Hogwarts House Ravenclaw
Wand Description 12" Hornbeam with Dragon heartstring core
Magical Possessions Wand
Animagi Form none
Patronus (5th year and up) not yet
Pet Barred Eagle Owl named Eragon

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet
Weight 160Ibs (mostly musle)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Athletic build with 6 pack abs, usually clean shaven, also has several scars on his body from wounds sustained during his Ritual combat against his clan and ultimately his father.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Satele Dragomir- Girlfriend
Children none
Father Ryuuichi Aoi: dead, killed in ritual combat
Mother Maurissa Hawke-Aoi: Dead, Killed in Ritual Combat
Brother(s) Ezra- 5 years old, Dead- Killed in ritual Combat.
Sister(s) Ayano- 10 years old
Other Family Aoi Clan- wiped out. Sole survivors are Aramis and Ayano Aoi
Hawke Clan- Wiped out by Aramis Aoi in Ritual Combat.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aramis is generally semi-outgoing, caring and Protective of those that he cares deeply about. he's also usually friendly and has a quick witted sense of humor. Follows Bushido.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Caring, protective, strong willed, hard working, honorable, honest.

Weaknesses: Protective (sister), stubborn, sometimes abrasive and blunt.
Ambitions protect those that cannot protect themselves and constantly seeking to better oneself.
Hobbies & Interests reading, martial arts- Hapkido, World history (muggle and magical), Alchemy, and music- Plays a bamboo Shakuhachi Flute (passed down through the Aoi Family)
Language and Accent Japanese, ESL, Japanese Accent.

Personal History Aramis is the oldest of 3 children born to Ryuuichi and Maurissa Aoi at Kyototakeda Hospital in Kyoto, Japan. Aramis' primary language is Japanese but he is also fluent in English as a Second Language however he does have a heavy japanese accent which sometimes makes it hard for people to understand what he is saying. When Aramis gets frustrated or overly angry he tends to default to japanese when speaking and often has to force himself to calm down enough to be able to actually speak english.

At the age of 4 Aramis and his family moved to london England as his father had been transferred to the london for work. His sister Ayano was born about 2 months after having moved to London. At the age of 12 Aramis once again became the big brother to a new family member, this time his baby brother Ezra.

Aramis while partially outgoing tends to be rather reserved and doesn't always smile. Aramis is also a very devout follower of the way of the samurai aka Bushido and is thus very honorable (most of the time). He's lead a structured and very well disciplined life but tends to throw all of that out the window when protecting those that he cares deeply for... It should be noted that he is extremely protective of his sister, Ayano, and has more often than not gotten himself into deep trouble in his efforts to protect her. If he isn't practicing his martial arts (Hapkido) he is either learning and practicing new spells and potions or playing his flute.

Aramis is well versed in magic and has a particular interest in both history and science and more specifically that of Alchemy in science and the history of the world (muggle and magic). his innate talent is in spells and has an very unyielding willpower to master what he learns. When Aramis turned 10 he was invited to become a student at hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. his First 2 years at Hogwarts were both somewhat hard on him as he generally kept to himself and focused more on his studies than anything else. Upon entering his 3rd year Aramis finally started to open up more and began to interact more with other students but still favored his studies over most other things. As he started his 4th year his sister Ayano finally became of age and was enrolled at hogwarts as a First year student which has now made Aramis start to pay very close attention to the other students mostly as a means of making sure that his sister was not picked on.
Academic Record/Progress First year- Passed
Second Year- passed
Third year- passed
Fourth year- Currently in progress