First Year (S) Samantha Ryan

Name Samantha Airmyer Ryan

Position Slytherin

Rank First Year (S)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Half-Blood
Age 11
Hogwarts House Slytherin
Wand Description Hawthorn wood with Dragon heartstring core 12 3/4" and surprisingly swishy flexibility
Magical Possessions Mokeskin pouch
Pet Barn Owl, with blue eyes named Trixie

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 110
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Samantha Ryan has long raven black hair that goes to her waist, and is usually a mess. She has pale skin that could have her be passed as a vampire, and her eyes usually seem bored, or happy. When it is spring, summer, or fall she will usually be wearing black skinny jeans that may have a few holes in it, combat boots that goes to her knees, and with it a black belt with silver spikes on it. Her shirt is a crimson red tank top, and over it is a light black jacket that is a little big on her. When it is Winter and she is at home she is wearing a heavy black jacket that is fluffy on the inside, with a long sleeve light grey sweater. Her jeans are still black skinny jeans, but with no holes, and still the same belt with the same boots. When she is at school during spring, and fall she is wearing the slithering robe, with the normal black skirt, and the slytherin vest, with under it a white dress shirt, and the slytherin tie. If she ever participates in anything formal her hair is up in a high ponytail, and curled so it only reaches her shoulder her bands, and her bangs are swept to the side. She will actually wear make up, but it looks natural. She wears a black dress that reaches her knees. She has a black belt to go with it, and it has long sleeves that are laced. She also will wear black high heels.


Father Dylan Ryan
Mother Amanda Ryan
Brother(s) Axel Ryan
Other Family Grandmother, Sarah Celeste
Step-Dad, David Lakemoore

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samantha Ryan is all depends on the people, and really only show two emotions; happiness, ad anger. She is happy, and kind towards her friends, and whoever she is trying to et help from, you will also see her smiling at books, or when she is by herself. She shows anger though when she doesn't know you, or you're her enemy. She isn't afraid to pick a fight with anyone either, but she is pretty good at acting so she'll most likely get away with it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strengths are her being able to hide her emotions very easily, and only letting two out. Her other strength is potions since it is her favorite class, she is also very athletic, and could run away from someone or something if she tried hard enough. She also learned how to defend herself without using her wand. Her weaknesses though would be her friends, family, and if she ever fall in love. She cares about them way too much, and it'll crack her ability to hide her emotions. She also doesn't want to fall in love, because that'll have her open up more of her emotions other that anger and happiness. She is also afraid of fire, and it reminds her something from her past that she doesn't like to talk about. A weakness to her as well is when she fails a test which rarely happens.
Ambitions Getting good grades, staying on teachers good side, getting her grandmothers approval, trying to keep herself most of the time even towards her friends.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies: Singing, playing guitar, studying, writing, drawing
Interests: Quidditch, Potions
Language and Accent British

Personal History When Samantha was seven years old she was living in the Muggle world with her father who was a Muggle, her mother who is a Pureblood, and her younger brother who is a Half-blood like her. It was three weeks before her birthday when someone caught her house on fire. Her, her mother, and her brother made it out, but the burning debris blocked the exit out for her father. Amanda - her mother - wanted to use magic to free him, but there were too many muggles around for her to use it. When the fire department pulled up they put out the fire, and pulled out her dad's burned up body. They told her family that the fire was no accident, and that someone has planned it. Her mother then had them move in with her grandmother that disliked Samantha and her brother Axel for being Half-bloods and ruining their Pureblood reputation. Sarah - her grandmother - then gave Samantha chores, that she would give a house elf, but when guest are over she treats them as a grand-daughter just one who is a disgrace. She didn't give any chores like that to Axel though, because Samantha said she can do them so don't bother giving any to Axel. On her freetime though she plays her guitar, and writes music with her brother.
When Samantha then turned the age of ten her grandmother got an arranged marriage for her mother. She was then sent off with her step-dad David Lakemoore. Her mother kept the Ryan last name though for her actual dad. David didn't appreciate Samantha or Axel as well, and kind of treated them like they didn't exist, and whenever Amanda woulf try to be nice to her own children, he'd smack her acorss the face. Samantha ust got use to fending for herself, and heping out her brother. When she turned the age eleven her mother was estatic, and her step-dad couldn't wait to kick her out of the house. They sent her off to the Diagon Alley to pick her stuff that she needed, and sent her onto Hogwarts Express where she sat by herself and read a book.