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Seventh Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant

Name Evan Matthew Grant

Position Gryffindor

Second Position Gryffindor Quidditch Captain

Rank Seventh Year Prefect (G)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Muggleborn
Age 17, 20 Feb. 2004
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand Description Ash and Phoenix Feather Springy, Spiraled Shaft
Magical Possessions Wizard Chess Set

Box of Weasley Products

Chocolate Frog Cards

Exploding Snap

Two way Mirror - Nathan

Firebolt II Superior Racing Broom
Animagi Form None
Patronus (5th year and up) Chipmunk
Pet Snowy Owl - Madonna

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 145
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short Black hair worn messy, Thin and Muscular with russet skin and brown doe eyes. When not dressed in his school robes he dresses preppy casual wearing muggle clothes.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Nathan Crawford - Boyfriend
Children N/A
Father Adam Grant - Barrister
Mother Renee Grant - Accountant
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Alexis Grant(9)
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Evan is a Responsible young man who has been selected as a Gryffindor Prefect. He is a good student who studies hard and plays harder and is a great young spell caster. Very talented in Charms and Transfiguration often the top in those classes. He struggles with potions but usually manages a Exceeds Expectation.

He Vigorously defends and stands up for the underdog having little patience for bullies.
He will often bring to bear his full arsenal of spells when provoked and will not back down when a gryffindore or and non-slytherin is being bullied.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Transfiguration
+ Charms
+ Herbology
+ Hard Worker
+ Intellegent
+ Responcible
+ Great Flyer

- Being comfortable about his sexuality.
- Potions
- History of Magic
- Arithmancy
- Slytherin's who call him mud blood.
- Bullies
Ambitions To become an auror like Harry Potter.
Hobbies & Interests Quidditch: Keeper on the Gryffindor House Team, Wizard Chess, Flying, Exploding Snap, Wizard Card Collection.

Herbology - Growing things, Transfiguration.
Language and Accent British English, Welsh ~ Accent: Welsh

Personal History Evan was born in Cardiff, Wales. A bright young man he was the first wizard in his family. He learned he was a wizard when Professor Merryweather paid his family a visit the summer before his first year to bring him his letter and explain the school to his parents. He has always known strange things happened around him especially when he was younger, now he understood why. His first year at Hogwarts was amazing sure the headmistress Professor McGonagall looked a little scary and strict but she also seemed grandmotherly and kindly.

His Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was also the Deputy Headmaster and could be very strict but mostly he was Just awesome, his classes were one of those favored at the school by the students.

He also Liked Professor MacAulay his Transfiguration teacher and Head of House and Professor Merryweather the Charms Teacher.

At the end of Evans 3rd year at Hogwarts, Professor McGonagall announced her retirement. Professor Nostradamus would become the next Headmaster the following year and Professor MacAulay was to become Deputy Headmistress.

Individual Course List

Evan's Class Schedule

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:00 - 9:30
* Herbology

9:45 - 11:15
* History of Magic

11:15 - 12:30
* Lunch

12:30 - 1:30
* Ancient Runes

2:15 -3:45
* Defense against the Dark Arts

4:00 - 5:00
* Arithmancy

Tuesday, Thursday

8:00 - 9:30
* Temporal Arts & Theory

10:15 - 12:15
* Charms

12:15 - 1:30
* Lunch

1:30 - 3:30
* Transfiguration

3:45 - 5:45
* Potions

Academic Record/Progress 1st Year ... PASS

2nd Year ... PASS

3rd Year ... PASS

-Selected Electives -
-Ancient Runes

4th Year ... PASS

5th Year ... O.W.L.s

- Not Yet Taken -

* additional Elective - Temporal Arts & Theory

6TH Year ... N/A


Not Yet Taken