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Professor Rosalie Lundrago

Name Rosalie Stella Lundrago

Position Hogwarts Headmaster

Rank Professor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Human. Pure Blood - Lundrago Family
Age 43
Hogwarts House Ravenclaw
Wand Description Silver Lime wood, Dragon heartstring core, 11 1/2 inches, quite bendy.
Magical Possessions Time Turner

Handmade satchel bag; enchanted with 'Bottomless' charm, has a wand pocket and enchanted hidden 'sweets' pocket.

'Lunaris de Stellar' - A chain bearing a pendant that has been handed down through the female line of the Lundrago family. A crystal hangs from the chain; it appears to have a Crescent Moon and Stars captured inside it. it has been said to boost the magical ability of the wearer when drawn upon but converts the user's own energy to do so. Prolonged use to boost a spell or charm can result in collapse. One ancestor managed to cast a 'Night Shield' charm and boost it but their actions did result in a collapse.
Animagi Form Siberian Tiger - Fully registered and completed Animagus training through Hogworts Transfiguration class as a Seventh year student.

Patronus (5th year and up) Barn Owl
Pet Eclipse - Snowy Owl (Female)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 154
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A tall and curvy woman with hair almost the colour of Phoenix fire, it sits just past the shoulder blades at the tips. Eyes as blue as the sky (a very strong and deep blue) and has a gentle smile.

Has a 'motherly' and 'wise' feel about her, she stands tall and has a grace to her walk and how she carries herself. Rosalie has done her best to look after herself over the years; curvy but not exactly muscular, her robes show off an 'hourglass' outline that is refined and healthy. Rosalie has a kind and soft face, her age is only just starting to show upon it but not as much when she smiles.


Father Lucanth
Mother Ellouisa
Sister(s) Serah Ellouise

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rosalie has always been a happy, caring and curious soul. One that is protective of her friends, but does not exactly have the courage that would belong in Gryffindor. She is tender and bright, wanting to learn and experience things for herself. She is of the belief 'why leave it in a text book if you can truly experience it for yourself. Her own family has been important but sometimes helping others has been a higher priority than herself.

Teaching had never really been a proper ambition for Rosalie, but when others in the greater world started to teach her about things that were once beyond her reach it inspired her to eventually take up the teaching mantle. Being Headmistress of Hogworts, where she had once studied; is considered to be quite the honour for her and she knows that compared to the predecessors of her position she has 'big shoes to fill' but has the hope that she will 'grow into them'. Looking up to such previous Professors and Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Sprout, she wanted to encourage, include and excite others in their studies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Inquisitive (Sometimes goes a step too far)

Enthusiastic (Sometimes can go overboard)

Protective (Sometimes her Kindness can get in the way of this)

Kind (To a fault. Not always reading things well)

Tries to stay calm and in control; to show others what can be achieved. can bottle up emotions when in a critical moment but they always need to be released later (Usually in private)
Ambitions Rosalie's original ambitions were not clear, she had a couple of paths open to her but was having a hard time choosing one. After some travel and spending time amongst the Muggles she had thought that Care of Magical creatures was a good path for her. Until she was introduced to teaching and the fulfilment that came with it. She started teaching aboard and had dreams of returning to Hogworts. That has come true but not in the way that she had originally thought. Now she is assisting the other professors and running the school as Headmistress - A job she never asked for but also would prefer not to give up.
Hobbies & Interests Rosalie has a fondness for Stargazing, enjoys reading, likes muggle music and the loud 'magical explosions' that Muggles call 'Fireworks'.

She enjoys going for walks in nature and cooking when given half a chance. (Particularly sweets)
Language and Accent English language, light Irish accent

Personal History Rosalie had a quiet and happy childhood. Her family shared their time between Ireland and England, choosing not one over the other but to spend time in both when it was most practical to do so. While Rosalie and Serah Ellouise were at Hogworts their parents spent more time in England to be closer to their daughters. Thus Rosalie has a lightg Irish accent as she did not spend enough time in Ireland for it to 'thicken up'. Ireland was all about fun, pixies, chasing dreams and living life. This was home and where there were no real 'heavy pressures' thrust upon her.

England felt like home too but in a very different way. This was where she studied, gained knowledge and insight about the world and where she found and embraced her magic. Her seven years seemed to go by ever so fast, from potions to tending to plants, animals and turning into one herself! Finding her skills was a grand and interesting journey. it was while practicing under one of the larger trees on the grounds that Rosalie found her 'inner animal', she turned into a tiger for the first time and managed to scratch some bark off the tree. When she turned back she almost could not believe the mark she had left behind.

These days there are times where she likes nothing better than to turn into the tiger and curl up in front of a fire for a good unwind and to clear her mind.

upon graduations she travelled the world, spent time amongst muggles and eventually took up teaching abroad. This lead her back 'home' and eventually to Hogworts once more, to take up a new position and new challenge, becoming Hogworts' next Headmistress.
Individual Course List Roaslie's Third year Subject list was as follows:

Care of Magical Creatures
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Ancient Runes
Muggle Studies

Under advisement upon completion of her OWl's exams, She refined her subject list to her Seventh Year completed subjects by dropping Muggle Studies (Reluctantly, as she felt she had promise) and Ancient Runes.
Academic Record/Progress O.W.L.s

Transfiguraton: O
Muggle Studies: E
Charms: O
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Herbology: E
Astronomy: O
Defence Against the Dark Arts: E
Ancient Runes: E
Potions: O


Transfiguration: O
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Herbology: E
Astronomy: O
Charms: O
Defence against the Dark Arts: E
Potions: E

Diploma in Magical Teaching - completed abroad.