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Third Year (H) James Lowell

Name James Clancy Lowell III

Position Hufflepuff

Rank Third Year (H)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human half blood
Age 11
Hogwarts House Hufflepuff
Wand Description 14" Oak Wand w/Phoenix Feather Core
Magical Possessions Locket with a picture of his mother, when alone, it can talk to him and give him advice.
Pet Badger, juvinile.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 110 #/50 KG
Hair Color Brown, curly, shoulder length, usually ponytailed
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Quite built for his young age due to being raised on a farm. Being used to working long hard days of physical labor has left him broad of shoulder and back.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend n/a, he's only 11!
Children n/a, he's only 11!
Father James Lowell Jr, Farmer
Mother Julia Hufflepuff
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Uncle Mortimer Hufflepuff

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serious, Loyal almost to a fault, raised to be hardworking.
Strengths & Weaknesses Due to his upbringing, he is quite strong and has good endurance. Unfortunately, it has also left him perhaps a little too trusting and open.
Ambitions To learn more about his mother's side of the family and to unlock the potential within himself.
Hobbies & Interests Quite good with mathmatics.

Personal History His mother was lost when he was still an infant, supposedly in a car accident. He was left in the care of his father, who because of the pain of his loss, didn't much care for the mention of magic or other "fantasy" things. Nevertheless, he didn't stop his son from reading any of the classic tales.

James has always liked math, as a way of working his brain, and the concepts always seemed easy to him, but because of the school system, he hasn't had much chance yet to go beyond basic algebra.

When his son was accepted at Hogwarts, his father gave him the locket with his mother's picture inside.