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Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil

Name Reece O'Neil (R)

Position Head Boy

Second Position Ravenclaw Beater

Rank Seventh Year Prefect (R)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Muggle Born
Age 16
Hogwarts House Ravenclaw House
Wand Description Dragon Heartstring | Oak | 9 inches long
Magical Possessions None at the moment.
Animagi Form Large Fox
Patronus (5th year and up) Fox
Pet An owl named Hermes.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 101 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description General Appearance:

Reece stands at 5'10" with short, tidy, brown hair and his dark, mysterious eyes being just of his physical features. He holds himself in a very confident stature - straight back, no hunched forward shoulders, no head looking down at his feet. He has a very healthy build, being fit from practicing recreational quidditch.

Dressing Style:

Being a student at Hogwarts, Reece complies to the official uniform during class time each term but in the evenings, at weekends and whenever there is holidays, the teenager has the tendency to wear jeans and a t-shirt.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend Looking for a girlfriend.
Children None
Father Mark O'Neil
Mother Ashley O'Neil (nee Smith)
Brother(s) [+] Lucas "Luc" O'Neil (30)
[+] Patrick "Rick" ONeil (27)
[+] Harvey O'Neil (23)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Strong Area of Magic:
[+] Transfiguration
[+] History of Magic
[+] Defence Against the Dark Arts

Weak Area of Magic:
[-] Potions
[-] Divination
[-] Ancient Runes

Like anybody, Reece has his strengths and his weaknesses (he is only human, magic or no magic, afterall). Looking at all of his strengths, Reece is courageous but in a self-sacrifice way. He is also very dedicated to a number of things: family, friends, work, quidditch, you name it. This dedication of Reece's in his school work has helped fuel his intelligence and has helped him make the transition from growing up in a world without magic to being thrown into a world run completely by the very thing. His dedication also goes hand in hand with ambition, fueling it within Reece's emotionally.

On the flipside to all of this, you have Reece's weakness. This teenager has insecurities deep down for example the fact that he comes from a family with three others brothers and not being wealthy as a result. His domestic status is a particular subject that causes sensitivity within Reece. On the other hand due to his loyalty to his family and friends, Reece would impulsively act to defend any one that he holds dear. A potential to be hot-tempered also contributes to this and Reece can be quite stubborn if he believes what he is doing is right (even if he isn't).
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
[+] Courage
[+] Self-sacrifice
[+] Dedication
[+] Intelligence
[+] Ambition

[-] Insecurity
[-] Impulsivity
[-] Sensitivity
[-] Temper
[-] Stubbornness
Ambitions To become a great wizard.
Hobbies & Interests Favorite Quidditch position: Beater
Language and Accent English - Midwest

Personal History In a warm day in a rainy April, a baby was born to Mark Jordan and his wife, Ashley, both muggles. Reece was the youngest of four brothers which meant that money was never thrown around loosely, especially with an accountant for a father. So as you can expect, a lot of hand-me-downs were passed onto him. Not to mention being the youngest of four boys was hard enough without the family's money situation being what it was.

When Reece was born, his eldest brother Lucas was in attendance at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with second-eldest, Patrick expecting to go that September so magic was easily found amongst the brothers. This meant by the time Reece received his letter, the shock of even having one wizard in the family had long gone.

But one thing that remained was the problem of buying new school equipment. In saying that, by this point Lucas had left school and had been in a decent job for a while so was able to buy a lot of the stuff needed. That said, Reece's career at Hogwarts began with some gifts from his brother that would carry him well into his third year and beyond.
Academic Record/Progress W.I.P.