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First Year (H) Orion Blane

Name Orion James Blane

Position Hufflepuff

Rank First Year (H)

Character Information

Gender Male
Species and Blood Status Human- Half Blood
Age 11
Hogwarts House Hufflepuff
Awards and Titles n/a
Wand Description 10 and 1/2 inches, walnut. Core: Dragon heartstring Rigidity: Springy
Magical Possessions Sphere made of Coral simply known as the "nullifyer". It is adorned with strange symbols and seems to be rather fragile, it's only power known to date (and only power at all) is to stifle and dull down magical effects and activity. Thought to be a cheap imitation of the real deal, although no one has ever seen anything other than the small spheres.
(With GM's permission I would like my character to have this item)
Pet Bruce- Egyptian Fruit Bat
10 months of age
Wingspan of 2 feet, height of 6 inches

Physical Appearance

Height 4'4"
Weight 77 lbs
Hair Color Brown cut short, with small spikes (Tends to dye his hair dark green)
Eye Color blue
Physical Description short and scrawny, Orion is able to hide away in small luggage compartments with great ease.


Father George Locrum Blane- Shop owner in Diagon Alley (Blane's Baffling Beasts)
Mother Julie-ann Margrett Blane- Muggle Veterinarian
Brother(s) Icarus Apollo Blane- 14 (Muggle- Non magical)
Sister(s) Fay Lafeyette Blane- 8 (Muggle- Non magical)
Other Family Joseph Hallibrant Blane- Desceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Middle child, always the mediator. Used to having to hear both sides of things and thinking of the logical compromise. When he decides on a side to pick, he sticks it out even if its the underdog side. Having to deal with older brother issues and younger sister issues has made his social skills with both genders better than the average 11 year old boy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sticks things out
Takes times to deliberate

Doesn't like to rush into things
Can sometimes take too long to think.
Ambitions Would like to make the Quidditch Team
Make as many friends as he can
To one day become Minister of Magic
Hobbies & Interests Quidditch
Playing fetch with Bruce (Yes Bruce loves to fetch, as long as it's a fruit he's chasing)

Personal History Born July 16th, 2006 in Beijing, China while his mother and their oldest son where visiting due to a veterinarian's clinic and convention. Orion grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, not knowing his magical heritage until he accidentally broke his father's pinkie finger after receiving a spanking. His father then told him and his mother about the Wizards and Magic. George then went on to explain that now that Orion was able to utilize magic he would be sent to Hogwarts to learn how to better control it.
Orion started schooling at the Salem Witches Institute where he started to study the basics of Magic, After his Uncle Joseph passed away November, he and his family moved to London to settle into his old home.
It was then that Orion's father took over the Blane's Baffling Beasts in Diagon Alley and Orion was promptly enrolled in Hogwarts.