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Fourth Year (G) Satele Dragomir

Name Satele Dragomir

Position Gryffindor

Rank Fourth Year (G)

Character Information

Gender Female
Species and Blood Status Human/Half Blood
Age 14
Hogwarts House Gryffindor
Wand Description 11" Eucalyptus wand, Hippogriff feather core
Magical Possessions Wand

Ocarina (different songs trigger different effects: sleep, happiness..)
Animagi Form none
Patronus (5th year and up) none yet
Pet Kora (Russian Blue cat)

Crow (acts like an owl)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Pale blue
Physical Description Satele has an average height and weight for a human female. She has Ginger, shoulder length, hair which she leaves hanging around her face. Her skin tone is lightly tanned and her eyes have a Pale Blue colour to them. Satele hass broad shoulder and slightly muscular arms

She often wears faded Jeans and a short sleave top when not in her school robes.


Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend none
Children none
Father Christian Keller
Mother Raven Dragomir
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family none known

Personality & Traits

General Overview Satele has an outwardly strong personality and at times can be forceful with her opinion. This 'habit' has gotten her into trouble more times than she'd care to admit. She also has an unfortunate habit to say what's on her mind with out thinking it through first, But more often than not, what she said had been true to a point. When she has set her mind to a task or a line of thought, it tends to be difficult to move her focus.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Intelligent, Protective, skilled and a fast reader. She also speeks her mind weather it is the right time or not.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, straight forward, at times over protective. Tends not to give second chances easily to people she doesn't know well.
Ambitions To become an Aura and to keep her family and Friends safe.
Hobbies & Interests she is often found reading or practicing potions with her Friend Bre and has been known to find unusual places in her spare time to sit and sketch the landscape around her
Language and Accent English - slight Australian Accent

Personal History Satele was born in Sydney Australia to one Wizarding parent and one muggle parent. Her father was a Muggle working as a Soldier in the Australian Army and her mother, a Pure Blood Witch, was a teacher at Sydney University. As her father wasn't around a lot, she and her mother grew close. Like her mother, Satele loved books and would often be seen reading one book or another during her spare time.

She had a relatively normal childhood -- except for her farther really being around. Usually when she lost her temper, she would cause nearby glass (windows, glasses…etc) to fracture and shatter. Fortunately, that didn't happen often as her mother was able to spot if something was wrong before it got out of hand. At times, she could also cause things to levitate by thinking hard about them.

On Satele's 10th birthday, the family moved to London, England, as her Farther had decided to take a Job there as a Civilian Contractor for the RAF. This change of scenery didn't really help Satele. She was forced to leave behind all her friends and drop out of school mid-way through the year.

It was a relief to her mother when Satele's Hogwarts Letter arrived on the eve on her 11th birthday. The next day, she took Satele to diagonally to go shopping for her school supplies. Satele was overwhelmed by what was happening to her and on more than one occasion, her mother had to stop her from panicking and shattering all the windows in sight.

On the day Satele was due to head off to Hogwarts, both her parents took the day off work and took her to the station. But just as they arrived, Satele's Farther was called back to work with an emergency. Before he left, he gave her a hug and wished her luck. Her mother took her to the platform and after a lengthy goodbye; her mother gave her a pendant bearing her family crest. Saying a final goodbye, Satele boarded the Hogwarts Express and headed for a new life.

Her first year at Hogwarts was tough. She was picked on a lot for her Australian accent and the Australian slang terms she often used. This wasn't helped by her lack of knowledge about the world of wizards and magic, but she spent a lot of time in the Hogwarts library and quickly learned.

Her only friend was a girl from Ireland by the name of Gabrielle Belikov. She wasn't very adept at magic but she had an innate knack for Potions and Alchemy. The two of them were a perfect pair, Satele with her Charms and Gabrielle with her Alchemy. Satele helped Gabrielle with her Magic and gave her the nickname of Bre. Bre helped Satele with Potions and by the end of the year; the two of them were the best in their year in charms and potions.

During her second year, Satele noticed that Bre's skill in Charms had started to outgrow her own. A little concerned about this sudden burst of ability, Satele kept a close eye on Bre when ever she could. One night, Satele caught Bre using her skills with Alchemy to improve her connection with her magic. After almost a week of arguing and pleading, Satele managed to convince Bre to stop before her sudden skill jump was noticed by the teachers.

By the end of their second year, Satele had managed to catch up with Bre and keep her from over using her Alchemy.
Academic Record/Progress 1st year: pass

2nd year: pass

3rd year: pass

4th Year: in progress