POWER OUTAGE! ; Or What to Do When Your Wand Stops Working?

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Start Date Monday, 6th of October, 2014 @ 1:25pm
End Date Wednesday, 31st of December, 2014 @ 1:25pm

Mission Summary

As all Hallows Eve approaches magic is on the blink, charms have lost their charm, spells are not so enchanting, curses are cursed, and Transfiguration's are disfigured.
Magical items have malfunctioned, and Hogwarts' wards have wandered off. Potions are petering out and Muggles are muddling the waters.

The staff and students of Hogwarts are charged with the task of cleaning up this monumental disaster, can they figure out the madness that is this magical mayhem before a major meltdown? Can they prevent magic from being exposed? Can they predict the next magical misfire?

The stars are aligned in an ancient cycle of magical convergence never in recorded history has such a mystery presented itself. Can the staff and students solve this problem in time? Will the Muggles finally cotton on to the existence of magic?

And will the big question gets answered; Just what do you do when your wand stops working?