Getting Accepted

Posted on Wednesday, 31st of August, 2011 @ 5:39am by First Year (G) Cassandra Crump

Cassandra was outside riding her broom, she was tossing a golf ball as far as she could and zooming to catch it. She knew it would most likely be another year before she would make a Quiddich team. Yes freshmen did make the team but only once every hundred years it seemed and the last one was only twenty-six years ago.

Besides that she was getting ahead of herself as she hadn't gotten her invitation yet. Her mother called so she zoomed down and caught her last throw then gently landed and hopped of her broom.

Her father had been spending as much time at work as possible. He even had a small loft over his business where he bought and sold various antiques. Mother was disappointed he wouldn't help her family appropriate items of dark magic but what he tried hard to hide from her family was that His great great grand mother on his father's side was from a muggle family.

He was able to get around this because the rest of his family from then forward had all been wizards and any that weren't full blood were several generations back before the muggle would be discovered.

Her mother's dark hair came down to her shoulders and on her eyelids she wore dark make-up. If she were a muggle she would look like an over-aged gothic.

"This just arrived by owl post." Her mother said.

Cassandra reached for it with her hands shaking. The Hogwarts seal closed the envelope so she reached in with her finger and broke the seal.
She looked at her mom, "It's my acceptance letter." She said.

"Your cousin Rodderick got his as well. We will have to go and get your supplies." Astra said. Then she paused and got down at Cassandra's level, "You do know that our family honor depends on you getting into Slytherin do you not?"

Cassandra nodded and her stomach knotted up. She hated her mother's family, she hated what they believed in and if given a choice would run away rather than stay there. Tobby the house elf that her father owned before he married her mother goes with her father whenever she can too but because of the rules has to listen to her mother's family as well. She feels the same way. She once told Cassandra and then tried to punish herself for it which Cassandra forbid. "Yes mum I know." Cassandra said not looking her mother in the eye.

"I will contact your father and you can meet him at his shop by flew powder. He can take you to get what you need. You will spend the night at his loft then and he will take you to the train. It will be much easier that way." Astra said.

It took all she could do not to smile herself. Until Pandora walked out, "So they actually let you in?" She said.

Lukas came out from his hiding place where he had been watching Cassandra fly, "You leave her alone." He shouted then looked at their mother, "Can I go with her to get her stuff and to the train station?" He asked.

"I will check with your father." Astra replied then turned with a swoop of her ropes and went back into the house.

"Can I toss the ball for you to practice with?" Lukas asked with a smile.

Cassandra returned the smile. "Sure,"

Pandora growled and went off to finish the homework she had for the previous year but she looked over her shoulder, "When we are on the Hogwarts train, you don't know me." She said then continued on her way.

That evening she and Lukas were both with her father her trunk packed her new cat Horntail sat on her lap purring. "Thank you for the cat dad," Cassandra said.

"I missed your birthday I've been so busy so I thought I would make it up to you." He said as he hugged her.

"Dad, what if I don't get into Slytherin?" She said.

He took her hand in his face and smiled, "No matter what your mother says that is not the most important thing. I know you hate it there and if it becomes needed then we can find a permanent place to stay that is better suited for more than one person."

"Is that why you stay here so much? You don't like it there either?" Cassandra asked.

He nodded, "I've been unhappy there for a long time. When your mother left Hogwarts she was a different person. Her family has sucked her back into their old ways and I just don't want to follow."

Lukas looked at him too, "I don't like it there either." He said.

Mason smiled and mussed Lukas' hair, "Well depending on how things turn out I may be getting my own house sooner than you think. If so I will fight for you if that is what you want." Then he looked at Cassandra, "No matter what happens, not matter what house you end up in, no matter what your mother may try and tell you, none of what is happening between her and I is your fault."

Cassandra looked at her father, "Are you leaving mum?" She asked.

"That depends on how she reacts to things that might happen soon but I think it is inevitable yes." Mason answered.

Both children hugged him tightly and Tobby quietly came into the room, "Masters and mistress dinner is on the table." she said.

"Thank you Tobby," Mason said. "Now then let's eat and get some sleep you have a big day tomorrow."