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Not very bright Fay

Posted on Sunday, 14th of June, 2015 @ 11:56pm by Evil Minion Tiger Lily


Tiger Lily had to get out of that place, she had enough of the ‘beings’ that were so prominent in the place of said learning. Flying through the edges of the forest she came to where ‘her’ folk inhabited. The Forest Pixies and Fairies were all here and while she came from among them Tiger Lily did not waqnt to associate with them.

She ahd grown past them; quite literally in physique as well as intelligence, and conversations among them were spotty at best. But with this region being predominantly occupied by her people some of the more aggressive types tended to leave it be. She could rest here and get the smell of the nature back n her little lungs and the purity of things as she thought they should be.

Wizards and those others were tearing the forest apart to dominate; the bullies even tried to domesticate others like the birds, cats and even reptiles. While the Fay were wild and such they did not do anything unless provoked. It just did not take much to provoke a fay.

Sitting on a tree branch she glanced down at the small meadow where the Pixies and such gathered and interacted; like watching something from the outside now but it often gave Tiger Lily some comfort to see her kind flourishing.

Then she noticed the slightly smaller numbers; she sat straighter and began counting again to make sure she was right, there were lower than average light sources in the meadow. Tiger Lily checked for predators and came up empty, they were just not as many as she recalled from her life among them. This is a safe area and where many danced and just existed together. Tiger lily was to her feet and she gave her full attention to those gathered. The mood was not right; the radiance was off… she gasped a bit before she took flight away from them.

This is NOT a good thing, her people were not radiating the way they should; the usually bright place seemed dimmed as though a shade were put upon it. She had to get answers; if her people were getting sick then how much longer before she herself would be affected by whatever was happening to the Fay. She knew where her Master would be; the classes required all the Mature Parfessors to teach. All Tiger Lily had to do is fly in there and get made an example. She came up short of the school, her Master would be cross if Tiger Lily barge into the class.

There were other places that she could wait for the Master in the office or… she could not be there if the Master had one of those pests mightr come along with the Master for some reason and Tiger Lily being spotted would be the same effect. She would do what she could., She would go to the Master’s Chambers and wait confirmation. Tiger Lily was like a magical bullet in her flight to the Chambers and under the slightly open window sill and onto a coffee table where a massive book rested in the center on a cloth doilies of ornate design. The modest little display was a woman’s touch to the room, not that Tiger Lily really cared. The Master was supposed to be here soon; Tiger Lily wanted the Master here soon and she would pace this table, careful not to get the cloth dirty as she hovered just over the table.

The pacing was getting to be annoying when footfalls were sounding outside the door, only the Master’s steps were coming here. Tiger Lily rose to the height of the Master’s vision above the table and hovered there.

“Hallo Tiger Lily.” The Master’s voice was genuine. “What do I owe the pleasure?”

“The Fay… they are dimming.” She snapped. “They are getting sick; I could tell as there were fewer and the light fading, they are getting sick and how long before I am affected?” She put her hands on her hips. “The Magic is not feeling right and they are not doing well; it is usually brighter around them?”

“The meadow where I found you?” The Master confirmed. “Why would you need to go there?”

“I was resting somewhere I would not be found.” Tiger Lily was cross. “If I had not I would not know what will happen to me?”

“You are a smart girl, but you do not have perfect memory when you are angry.” Her Master reminded her. “You did not listen when I made you take that drink that is the anti-dote.”

Tiger Lily was puzzled. “That nasty thing I drank …”

“Will protect you.” The Master assured. “There are always collateral Damage when one is reaching an objective to destroy something.” The Master crossed the room.


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