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Posted on Saturday, 26th of November, 2011 @ 1:37pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Third Year (G) Luther Cross & Seventh Year (G) Jackson Dodge & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & First Year (G) Cassandra Crump & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jillian Fortescue

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead
Location: Quiditch Arena

Benjamin called "up" to his broom and grabbed it in hand. "Alright everyone, Dodge has stepped down as captain, and I have been given the position. We are going to have a winning season, and to do that, we are going to practice until we have no more energy. First though, do you all have any suggestions on new members?

Dressed more sedately than usual, Barny approached the group, "So who do I have to see about joining?" He stood there with a strange hand carved curved broom, wearing metal bracers and bright blue boots. His smile looked to dare anyone to refuse him joining with great pain and suffering.

"I'm the captain, what are you interested in playing?" Ben asked the boy, glancing at the blue boots he had on, and the interesting broom.

Cassandra stood on the sidelines broom in hand. She didn't know of anyone that wasn't on the team already that might want to be. She turned to the new guy and eyed his broom with interest.

"I've done chaser for two years, but last year and the start of this one they put me on beater, I'll do whatever you need me at most, except seeker, my brooms more for maneuvering than speed. I'd need to get a new beater bat if you want me to do that, I had enough problems when I crossed the pond and security without trying to sneak that across. "

Well, we have a full team at the moment, providing you earn the Chaser spot. Lets get in the air and do some mock drills, Cassandra, you can oppose our seeker if you like and we can get a little bit of an idea if we can hack it. I hope to be able to play a real match soon, and really test our mettle.

Luther ran onto the Pitch, holding his broom and dressed to play. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time now. After his tryout he was hyped up. He was full of energy and pep. He stood there in the group and then nodded. He had such a big smile on his face.

"Do you need me to see if I can play chaser?" Cassandra asked, "I've never tried but I know the basic rules."

"Yes, we will see that in a bit, but right now, I want to see what you do against us... See if you can catch the snitch before Cross does." He said to her, hoping a bit of completion might emerge between the two.

"As long as my sister doesn't show up again I can." Cassandra answered.

Jackson showed up on the quidditch pitch with his broom over his shoulder.
He gave a nod to the others that had already arrived and waited for practice to start.

"Better late than never Jackson" He said to the tardy member of the team, and then looked to Cassandra, "Don't worry about her, we have a couple people here that can repay her kindness" he said, glancing at Jillian and Jackson.

"Okay," Cassandra answered but she didn't sound very confident.

Barny nodded and mounted, then ascended sideways a bit to give others room to take off, "Any time you're ready..."

Cassandra mounted her broom and kicked off from the ground easily.

Ben flew up into the air nodding at the others to begin there positions.

Jackson took off into the air with his bat in hand.

Barny took up the missing chaser position and waited for the ball release. He wasn't going to try for anything overly spectacular, no extreme risks like he would normally take, like using the bludger now and then for a speed boost, which was hard on the ankles, but was a great way to add unpredictability to your flight, not to mention that if it was done correctly, one of your opponents ended up having to run from it.

Cassandra moved into position ready to watch for the snitch. She hoped she would be able to perform okay on the school broom. Hopefully her dad would send her broom in the next day or two before they had too many practices. For now she would have to make do.

Evan Arrived arrived late and immediateness took to the air encircling his goal posts.

Luther took up in the air quickly. He was determined to get the snitch and get his Captain's approval. He hovered around and then looked around at the area and then other team members.

Cassandra was on the opposite side of the pitch and made eye contact with Luther. She wanted to get the snitch too but knew odds were as a first year she would still stay on the team as the alternate.

When everyone was in the air, Ben flew down and opened the box ready to release the balls and the snitch. "Everyone ready!" He yelled then waited just a couple seconds before allowing the balls to fly free, dodging one as it flew right by his head.

Cassandra watched as the snitch came out of the box then quickly flew away. Now she was scanning the area trying her best to spot it again.

Luther watched the snitch fly up into the air and then both their eyes meet. He smiled and then flew up, believed he was following it until he lost it. "Damn. Sneaky little bugger." He flew up and then around, trying to see if he could spot the snitch first.

Barny saw the Quaffle fly up towards another boy and moved down field, dodging a bludger as he went. He heard a sharp crack behind him and saw the bludger whizzing in his direction. "So that's how it's going to be, eh?" he muttered. At the last instant he did a rollover to let the bludger whiz past, then, glancing at the chaser that had the ball, he hung a right turn perpendicular to the bludger route that would bring him in line for a pass.

Cassandra circled the field watching for the shimmer of gold. She thought she saw something but by the time she turned her eyes to focus in that direction it had moved.

Ben began to circle around. he figured he would watch for a moment before he would try to score against his Keeper. He wanted to see how the beaters would do on the field.

Cassandra spotted the snitch she knew there would be more than one chance to catch it during practice but she wasn't going to miss this one. It was hovering just above the middle ring, she leaned forward and dashed toward it keeping here eyes on the target.

As Cassandra flew she saw someone creeping up next to her. It was Luther again. Goggles and a smirk on his face. He tucked himself inward and flew faster, keeping his eye on the snitch. Your gonna get it this time, Lu. Last time we had to stop because she got hit, but this time your gonna get it. I can feel it. Just don't mess up. That would be bad.

Barny felt like a stooge a bit, Ben appeared to be hogging the ball instead of passing, a captain should know better than that. There's no "I" in team and all that, yet instead of looking for a team mate to pass to, he only appeared to be looking for a score.

Cassandra was almost there she reached her hand out leaning forward slightly her fingers reaching for it just before it darted out of her reach.

Barny saw it coming and put everything he could into his speed, at the last second he grabbed Cassandra, tackling her off her broom in the split second before the bludger hit it, making a loud cracking sound. He activated his boots to slow the impact, but when they hit the ground.he felt a sharp pain in his leg and her weight falling on top of him didn't help matters either, he let out a scream of pain.

Cassandra was not expecting to be knocked off her broom by a bludger much less a person but the decent was slower than she was expecting.

He placed his right hand on his leg and released a charge from his bracer, as the bracer gave off a soft blue glow, the pain lessened some, but not completely, "Ah, ah, ah..." He released a second charge and his leg was back to being right. "Ahhhh..." He sighed in relief. "Damn that hurt." He looked to Cassandra to make sure she wasn't hurt.

Cassandra had the breath knocked out of her but otherwise was fine. She blinked and looked at the guy beside her, "Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, It took 2 spells to heal my leg, but I'm ok. Gonna have to recharge this thing later." He held up his right arm and the robe slid down to show the bracer with the large hematite. "Just be careful, during a game if that happens, we'd have to leave you to the professors. We couldn't risk 2 players being disqualified for hitting the ground. Accio" His broom flew over to him and he climbed aboard.

Cassandra moved to where the school broom lay on the ground and picked it up before realizing it wasn't going to do her any good and moved to get another school broom.

Watching as two of the players get tangled and go to the ground, he flew down to make sure both were alright. He saw them talking so he figured all was well, but he went to the ground all the same. "Is everything alright?" he asked, then saw the broken broom. "Glad that was the schools." he said with a grin.

"Me too," Cassandra answered.

Ben got off of his broom and began helping the two of them up. "Cassandra, go get another broom. Barney, go for it" He said, tossing him the ball he held in his hand. Then he got back on the broom and flew up into the air again.

Cassandra turned once again to head back to the changing room to grab another broom.

Barny rose into the air with the ball, and made a feint for the right hand goal, passing it laterally to Ben and peeling up hard enough that the world swam before his eyes, a maneuver that would have been impossible for someone on a standard broom. As he rolled through he saw the keeper scrambling to stop Ben from scoring. Suddenly Ben threw the ball back his way and Barny caught it at the bottom of the roll before going into the zone for the score.

A few moments later Cassandra came back onto the pitch carrying another broom. She stood and watched for a moment then took off into the air when she saw a good place to join in.

Ben flew around, working with Barney to score. He watched as the beaters protected the team, and he ultimately watched as the Snitch was caught by Cross, narrowly beating Cassandra out of it. When everyone returned to the ground he looked at Barney, "Welcome to the team"

Barny smiled, genuinely happy, "Thanks, I wouldn't have known what to do with myself If I hadn't made the team. I'll do my best for the team." He helped pick up and store the equipment away in the storage and wondered. "Don't you have managers? You know hopeful first years who are willing to help managing the equipment so they can get involved in the team if there's an injury or to learn enough so that they can play next year?"

Ben looked to Cassandra. I see a lot of potential in you, but it is really unusual for a First year to be on the Quidditch team, so taking the alternate position I thing would be best for you right now, and next year we should have a spot for you as a full player. Would you like to help out the team the way Barney said, and serve as a backup?"

"If that is my only option I guess its better than nothing." Cassandra said a bit disappointed.

Ben walked over to the girl and basically took a knee in front of her. He put a hand on her shoulder making sure that she was paying good attention to him. "Think of all the other students in the house, not just the first years, but all the way up to seventh years. We have seven spots, and you are making an eight that no one else has. Don't look at it as disappointment, but an opportunity. You will almost definitely get a spot then. As a first year, even a back up and managerial roll is unheard of.

Cassandra just nodded and let out a sigh. Between getting her arm broken the first time and broom broken the second time it just seemed it wasn't meant to be. "I'll go put the school brooms away." She said as she moved to pick them up.

Ben Bradley
Gryffindor Prefect

Cassandra Crump
First Year Gryffindor

Barney Collins
Fifth Year Gryffindor Chaser

Luther Cross
Second Year Gryffindor Seeker

Jillian Fortescue
Seventh Year Prefect

Jackson Dodge
Sixth Year


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