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Traveler's Blues

Posted on Sunday, 20th of November, 2011 @ 2:48pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead
Location: Journey to Hogwarts
Timeline: Early on the day of the food fight

By now, Barny was sick to death of airports, airport security, over zealous TSA workers and of course his mother. He'd had to take a bus to New York from Boston the night before and had ended up spending a good part of the night in the bus terminal before he had been able to grab a taxi to JFK, He'd had to put his bracers in his backpack and have that and his broom stowed in the belly of the plane.

Then, of course, the people at the airport had decided they didn't like his face, or his clothes, or any of a hundred different things and decided that he was deserving of special inspection. It had taken all his willpower not to cold-cock the person who patted him down when they gave him an extra special squeeze in a rather tender location What he could have been hiding there was anyone's guess, but Barny felt more than a little violated. Maybe if it had been the cute female one inspecting him, but instead it was a rather chubby, sweaty old man. Despite the urge to ask if the man was going to buy him dinner now that he'd had his way with him, Barny kept his mouth shut. He'd heard enough horror stories in the past about people who complained.

The red eye flight had seemed to take forever, and the feeling of not being in control of the flight had been almost enough to make him panic. He almost expected to look out the window and see the wing fall off, and when they hit turbulence on the approach...

His feet hitting the ground had never felt so good as when he'd arrived at Heathrow, though when he retrieved his things, he'd been upset to find his broom had been damaged a little. He'd stopped in Hyde park for a short while for a late lunch of fresh fish and chips from a street vendor, eating them while replacing the damaged reeds on his broom at a park bench and re-wrapping the bundle. During the overseas flight, he'd considered the offer to stay at his new step-father's place overnight and catch the express down to Hogwarts the next day, but he liked to be a bit more independent, so he'd called his mom, but had been forced to leave a message for her that he was heading straight on to Hogwarts by way of Hogsmeade.

From there, he headed south and west out of the city before finding a good place outside of town, he cast a bedazzling hex on himself and took flight heading for southern Wales. He felt confident in this at least, though not enough to attempt a transatlantic crossing by broom. Too much open space for safety. It took some time to reach the town and by the time he got there darkness was starting to fall.

He stumbled a bit when he got off the broom, the long airplane flight coupled with the broom hop had left his keister and back a bit sore. He asked for directions to Hogwarts from a villiager and was pointed to a path that lead through a woods. After he had thanked the person and walked away, the person had muttered, "Bloody American wanker...", but Barny hadn't heard it.

Barny took off down the path through the woods quickly, he hadn't had a good workout this morning because of the early flight, so he took off full bore. At one point, he waved as he passed a group of centaurs who gave him a strange look as he ran past, going a different direction than they were. Barely missing a huge spider web at one point, he continued along the path heading towards Hogwarts. Eventually, the smell of food reached his nose and the forest gave way to a green. He could hear a great ruckus coming from the aged castle and followed the sound to a way in.


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