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Kissing Cousins, part 3

Posted on Friday, 25th of November, 2011 @ 3:29pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price
Edited on on Friday, 25th of November, 2011 @ 3:31pm

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead
Location: Hogwarts Grounds



"HA! You sssee! Sssomeone caresss about my well being! I'm done being your ssspy!" Rasputin popped his head over her shoulder and continued to yell at Reginald. "You can find yourssself sssomeone elssse to play your patsssy. Psssycho Catsss! Ssswallowing Pygmy Puffsss! Dodging Badgersss! Dive Bombing Falconsss! Thatsss it! Your on your own! I'm gonna get a heart attack becaussse of you! I've ssshed my ssscalesss three timesss thisss week! It'sss the ssstressss, Reg!" Rasputin stuck our his tongue and wiggled it, like he was blowing a raspberry at him.


Reginald knew he did something wrong, but he turned quickly as he looked over to Barny. "Cousin?" He raised a brow and then looked back as he saw Jennifer approach the castle. "You will be good to stick your nose out of my affairs, Boy." He said in an angry tone as he walked over and picked up his wand, slipping it back into his robe. He sighed and then looked over to Barney. "You keep your overgrown Pigeon away from my snake. I won't be responsible for what I do to you if something does happen." Reginald began to walk away, hopefully he could catch up to Jennifer.

Barny stowed his wand and stormed after Reginald, "What about you, following around a girl without even having the balls to come up and do it yourself. What kind of depraved stalker are you? I want to know what your intentions are you pervert!" Barny screamed, not caring if anyone heard.

Reginald paused for a moment. This kid had a lot of guts. He was impressed but he wasn't going to show it. "Word got around you made the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. I'm the Slytherin Chaser. You got a problem with me you deal with it on the Pitch!." He yelled as he turned and looked over to Barny. "Or do you really think you can deal with a Prefect and get away with it?" He said slyly, hoping to avoid a fight and further problems. This relationship was getting harder and harder to keep secret. He was getting sick of it. Reginald was just prepared to blast it all over the school just so both of them could get it off their shoulder.

"Just stop chasing her around. Prefect or not, I don't think the Headmaster would like hearing about one student stalking another, especially a prefect. So if you want to try pulling the prefect card, you'd better be ready for the blow-back. I don't have a lot of family, so I'm going to protect the ones I do have." Barny looked at Reginald sternly.

Inside he laughed. Barny had no idea that they stood on the same side. Both of them would protect Jennifer at all costs, but Reginald couldn't let him know that. He simply crossed his arms over his chest and stared at the boy. His crimson eyes looked him up and down and then a he laughed out the outside. As the laughter stopped he began to smirk and then slowly walked to him. Step by step and inch by inch he walked until he was face to face with the boy. He stared him down slowly and then without warning removed his wand and grabbed him by the throat. He held it to the boys face and eased it close. There was a red glow coming from the wand as he stopped it inches from his cheek.

"Your either very brave or very stupid to think you can take me on. Do you have any idea of the world around you? You have no idea who is capable of what. You walk around here with you stupid clothes and disgusting hair and think you can compete with me?! Wake up! Go back home before you get yourself killed. It's your first and only warning. Your cousin is more of a threat to Peter Percival. As soon as you open your eyes and see the real world around you then you will see exactly what I am talking about." He threw the boy back, intending to make him fall on his butt and onto the ground.

As he felt Reginald muscles tense, Barny grabbed a good handful of shirt and tie, and as the push came, dropped his legs out from under himself and pulling them quickly to his chest, allowing his back to hit the ground. His own momentum, added to that of the push from Reginald was enough to pull Reginald over onto Barny's boots, from there it was a simple matter for Barney to push off with his feet, sending his fellow 5th year arse over face.

"Yeah, I'm ugly and my mother dresses me funny..." Barny said as he rolled sideways to his feet and drew his wand. "Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm not afraid of you, and the antics you're showing aren't going to impress me one bit. What, you think I'm a first year or something? You want to try intimidating me, don't start it off by hiding behind a tree to spy. Don't send a pet snake in because you aren't man enough to come in yourself."

Reginald got up and then looked at him. He was frustrated now. He wiped his robes off as he pulled out his wand and trained on Barny. His eyes looked at him up and down in the sinister way. It was all an act. Actually he thought how he looked pretty interesting. Who would have through a Yank would be soo colorful. Being an artist he liked it very much. He used the moment to get a good picture of the boy in his head, so he could draw him later. Reginald then sighed as he slowly placed his wand back into his robe. "Don't bother trying anything. I am in no mood and you will cost your house far too many points. As the new boy I doubt you want that to happen. Take what I said to heart, boy. Jennifer will tell you all about him. Me? I'm just a Prince who doesn't even want to sit at the throne."

Whoops. He let a piece of himself slip it. It was such a small piece and hardly noticeable he decided to cover it up. "What am after is far bigger then a stupid throne. I want something more. Something playing with you wont get me." Reginald smiled evilly. "50 points from Gryffindor and 1 months detention for putting your hands on a Prefect. I'll have a report sent to your head of house so she can administer the detention. Try something else and you will cost your house more points." He began to walk away. Nice save He thought. Barny was still knew and there was hardly a chance he would notice the slip up. Then again, if he did. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, at least Jen had someone to talk to and they both had someone they didn't have to hide from.

"And I'll be seeing the headmaster then, since you laid hands on me first and I acted in self-defense, you pompous buffon. You shouldn't start things you can't finish." Barny stood there in a defensive crouch, wand still stowed.

"Good Luck proving it!" He yelled back with a slight laugh. "You have no proof I laid a hand on you!" Reginald yelled as he got lost in the students and faculty that exited from the school as he walked in.


Reginald Price
Fifth Year Prefect

Jennifer Collins
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Barnabus 'Barny' Collins
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