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Intro to Parents Weekend and Open House. (Part 5)

Posted on Friday, 2nd of December, 2011 @ 6:27pm by Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & First Year (G) Cassandra Crump & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & First Year (S) Roddrick Gradbury & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Hogwarts and Hogsmeade
Timeline: Last Weekend of November


[Great Hall]

Jennifer was surprised at the woman coming towards her. "Hi. I'm both a mudblood and mubbleborn. Where are you from that you haven't seen my kind before?"

Mrs. Ignatova smiled. "How positively delightful, dear. I teach at a school called Durmstrang. We don't have your kind there." She said, pondering Jennifer's hair. "That nice girl over there, the one with the flaming jewlery, that's my little Alena. Have you met her yet?"

The girl was whispering something, that looked like 'she is not my mother', repeatedly.

Ollen Ignatova walked over. "Enough. Not time for this."

"Don't be rude, dear. I was just having a nice conversation with this girl. I understand they have strange people who do things like clean your teeth, and cook your food, in the muggle world. Is it true, that muggles don't have house elves to abuse?" Olga Ignatova asked Jennifer.

"No, we don't have house elves. We do our own cleaning. And cooking." She was very polite. And very amused. "My father designs buildings. My mother is a teacher. Not like here, though. Would you like to meet them? They're very nice."

"Meet Muggles?" Olga asked. "What a fascinating idea!"

"No. Not time for this. Headmaster speech soon." Ollen Ignatova muttered.

"Professor Nostradamus isn't here yet, so there's plenty of time," Jen assured them. "Besides, I don't think they've ever met anyone quite as self-deluded as you, sir," she added, addressing Alena's father.

Alena scowled. "Come along, father. I'll introduce you to the head of the house I'm staying with." Alena whispered. "Leave mum to her annoying muggle fixation."

"How delightfully pleasant of you, dear." Olga Ignatova said, with a nod.

-- Huflepuff Common Room---

Gabe spoke the password and the trio entered. " Well, this is it!" he said. They gasped. " Fascinating." heis Father said. " Did that". Gabe chuckled. " It sure did." he said. Just then the Fat Friar flew by. Gabe waved.

[Great Hall]

Two house elves came through the double doors to the great hall and started pushing people out of the way. "Move over!" shouted one. "Out of the way!" shouted the other. The crowd in front of the door parted, mostly out of curiosity. A moment later Master and Misses Gradbury glided through the door. Master Gradbury was wearing a three piece silk suit that was so black it seemed to absorb the light around it. Misses Gradbury was wearing a beautiful dress the barely missed the floor. It was dark, jade green and had lace on the neck and sleeve cuffs.

It was obvious that they were aware of the muggles and half bloods in the room and were visibly disgusted by their presence.

Misses Gradbury's voice, high and haughty, cut through the sudden silence. "Roddrick Percival Gradbury, present yourself child." There was no doubting the commanding tone in her voice.

Roddrick almost literally dropped what he was doing, quickly straightened his robes and did his best "run walk".

"Mother, Father, how excellent it is to see you." he lied.

He hugged his mother, much to her annoyance, and while he did he reached behind her and flicked the ear of the nearest house elf hard.

He let go of the embrace and gave his father a slight bow. "Sir, Ma'am, I am honored by your presence. I'm sure there are much more important things you could be doing."

His father glared at him and said, "We'll talk later boy, where's your brother?"

"I'm here." Alistair said walking up to the small group.

Their mother's face lit up. "Alistair, darling!" she pushed Roddrick aside and moved to embrace him.

"Hello mother. I hope your trip was uneventful." Alistair said.

That chatted for several more minutes, all the while all three of them ignored Roddrick. He took the chance to pester the house elves.

Ollen Ignatova scowled, at the house elves. He nodded to the boy, who was torturing them. "Good lad. Keep them in line. They get really mischievous, if you don't smack 'em about, a bit."

"Dad, come on, we're going to meet the head of the Slytherin house." Alena said.

Mrs. Ignatova had moved from one muggle-born to another, still, clearly, fascinated by them.

Pandora and Astra walked over to Alistair and smiled, "Brother it has been far too long it is good to see you." She said taking his hand, "You remember Pandora of course." She said her voice smooth.

"Yes, of course." he lied, patting his sisters hand. "It has been entirely too long."

"We will have to make some plans for the up coming holidays." Astra said with a smile that looked more like a sneer.

"Where's my no good brother-in-law?" Alistair asked, looking around the room. "I haven't seen him."

"He is no longer your brother-in-law as his daughter is no longer family either." She answered with a sneer not pointing out that he was sitting with Cassandra at the Gryffindor table.

"What happened?" he asked.

With that question her eyes moved toward the Gryffindor table where Cassandra sat with her father. "It seems my husband didn't agree with some choices I made so we have parted ways."

Alistair followed her line of sight and was stunned at what he saw. "What in the name of Merlin are they doing at that table?"

"It's where she was sorted into." Astra answered. "It's why I wiped her from the family tree and he left me to take care of her." She said with venom in her voice.

"How can we be so disgraced as to have one of them in our family?" Alistair asked with a grimace on his face.

Fiona walked past with her father. She heard the comment but said nothing. Her father rolled his eyes as they headed for the Ravenclaw table. This was precisely why he never cared a fig for Slytherin. Far too uppity and full of their own bile for his like. "Come on, sweeting," he said. "You know, I hear it's mostly from inbreeding."

Olga Ignatova had finished harassing anyone who dared to admit they were half, or no-blood wizard, and sighed. "Strangely, I was hoping for more muggles." She said, as she walked up to her husband, and daughter.

"Ah, mother, perfect timing." Alena said. "This is Victor Goldric. He's head of the Slytherin house. That's the house most Durmstrang Exchange students stay with."

Mister Ignatova nodded to the man. "That, of course, is due to the wise policy regarding full-bloods." He said, softly to Victor.

"Oh, you." Missus Ignatova said to her husband. "I just met two lawyers, and a dentist. Fascinating people, muggles."

Alena briefly considered making her mother spit flaming slugs, however, much to Alena's annoyance, her mother was wearing that annoying necklace that was enchanted with several counter-hexes. She privately hoped that the head of Slytherin house would take pity, and correct her mother.

Jean-Paul observed these little interchanges in minute detail, feigning disinterest. One could never tell when the idle word dropped in conversation could be useful. "Muggles may be fascinating, dear lady," said Jean-Paul on impulse, but so are succubi and incubi. They should all be avoided because of the threat they pose." He said this sotto voce, pitched for the ears of the Ignatovas alone.

James shook his head, there were so many people here that may be full-blooded wizards, and full-blooded idiots as well. He's heard that they bred a little too closely, but they had to have been bred WAY too closely. The curious one might be ok, though she seemed to regard them as pets rather than people. But some of them just outright hated anyone not of full blood. James understood where it had started, but there were a heck of a lot of muggles out there, more than there were wizards. It would serve them right if they lost their powers for a while. Those who hadn't been full bloods would likely survive, but James entertained visions of the full-bloods trying to cope without any magic and smiled.


Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Mr. Ollen Ignatova
Mrs. Olga Ignatova
Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

First Year (S) Roddrick Gradbury
Mr. & Mrs. Alistair Gradbury

Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump
Ms. Astra Crump

Fifth Year (R) Fiona MacLeod
Mr. Angus MacLeod

Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid

First Year (H) James Lovell III


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