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Food Fight Part 2 (Again. It seems there be Gremlins here.)

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd of November, 2011 @ 9:20pm by Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Second Year (H) Gabriel Worthington & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead
Location: Dinning Hall


Kelly screamed in rage as she struggled futilely against the glue spell. Then, before Reg could step back, she kicked him with her sharp pointed shoe as hard as she could, which really wasn't all that hard, but the sharp tip would dig in a little. At that point the impact of an entire blueberry pie hitting the back of her head rocked her forward and there was a tearing of cloth as her robe ripped away from the table, though her hands were still firmly glued to the table, her feet slipped from under her and she fell, dangling just above the floor by her arms.


Strictly, for entertainment purposes, Alena smacked Kelly upside the head, with another apple. She then turned towards the Hufflepuff table, and, one by one, casting Wingardium Leviosa, launched 19 blueberry pies, which set themselves on fire, save just one, at the people at that table. She missed with the non-flaming one. It hit someone from Gryffindor.

Gabe dodged the flaming pies and tried to move to a better position

Kelly hung with her face just above the floor till the apple hit, after that she hung unmoving with her forehead on the floor, her hands still glued to the table.

Alena was hit with a bowl of soup. Really hot soup. It sizzled against her jewelry. She turned, glowering at a Ravenclaw kid, who had another bowl of soup coming her way. "Incendio!" She said, pointing her wand at the bowl of soup. She then batted it out of the way, once the soup had been evaporated. "Wingardium Leviosa!" She said, pointing her wand at a rather disgusting looking pizza, and slammed it against the kids' face. Right after landing on his face, it set itself a blaze.

Alena looked at Peter. "Do they always let us do this at dinner time, or is this a one-time thing?" She asked.

"This is my fifth year and the first time I've seen anything like this before," Fiona said, ducking as a pie flew over her head and hit the student behind her.

Pandora having gotten hit with what she wasn't sure looked angrily at the Ravenclaw that had thrown it a sneer came across her face as she threw mashed potatoes in his direction.

Barny came through the entry at just the wrong time. Dressed in a tie-dyed shirt and a rainbow knit hat with blue jeans mostly covered by his sky-blue thigh high boots, he made an excellent target. The bowl of mashed potatoes hit him square in the face. Wiping it, he again caught sight of the girl who had thrown them and gave a smile in her direction, unfortunately, it looked more like a grimace of rage than anything else.

Pandora grinned at this unknown boy and grabbed the next thing she get hold of and threw it at him as well. Unfortunately for him it was gravy to go with the potatoes.

Barny ducked the gravy, then stole a pie that peeves had been about to throw, aiming for Pandora and smiling, "Air-mail delivery!" he called out as it sailed across the intervening space. He took in the surrounding chaos, Hogwarts was going to be fun! At Salem if anyone tried this, there would have been teacher rampaging through with stupefies left and right till everyone stopped. He ducked a thrown mug of something only to have Peeves dump an entire pitcher of something on him in retaliation for stealing the pie. Barny laughed and waded further into the chaos.

Pandora wiped the pie from her face and screamed. She moved over to this person and looked him up and down, "Who are you?" she asked.

"Names Barnabus!" Then he grabbed her by her shoulders, wheeling them both sideways, just in time for a pie to sail directly between them that would have hit her square in the back of the head. "But you can call me Barny!" He said with a grin. With that he cartwheeled backward, avoiding almost all of a barrage of pies aimed at him. One did hit him in the foot however, and his foot slid on landing, making him do an unexpected full split. He turned his head just in time for a little chubby boy to dump a plate full of mashed potatoes, gravy and roast beef on his head, he wiped his eyes clear, smiled at the boy and said "fair do!" then nabbed a piece of roast beef that was dangling in front of his eyes and popped it in his mouth before springing to his feet and running down the Slytherin side of the room, taunting the Ravenclaw side as he went, giving them excuse to unload. Along the way, he noticed the unconscious girl hanging from the table and took two hits, one from a pie and another from an apple to the top of his head as he broke the glue hex that bound her to hang from the table.

Samual Holmes looked around the hall, an evil smirk across his face. "Wingardium Leviosa!" he yelled, sending the large turkey, heavy decorative plate and all, not really caring who it hit, though he launched it in the direction of Gryffindor.

Lydia seeing it coming pulled out her wand and pointed it at the turkey "Stupify," She yelled throwing bits of turkey everywhere as the main portion of it was thrown away in another direction.

When Samual saw the small girl aim a wand and blast the Turkey he had so expertly sent across the room, he focused his attention on her. Let's see her cast a spell with her mouth full of huge teeth, he thought to himself. "Densaugeo" He shouted aiming his wand at the girl.

Lydia felt the teeth grow and quickly covered her mouth and ran out of the great hall.

Ben kept trying to herd Gryffindor students out of this chaos, even after a large chunk of turkey smacked against his face. He focused on the students that seemed to be having the most trouble, mainly the first years, there was no telling if other houses would begin sending spells directly at them, so he wanted to make sure that no one would get hurt.

Fiona was splattered with chunks of pie and potatoes. She wasn't quite sure what to think of the chaos.

She noticed one of the prefects herding kids out of the hall and decided to lend a hand.

Peeves did a strafing run along the professor's table, splattering food on as many of them as he could.

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

First Year (S) Kelly Smythe

Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump

First Year (H) Gabriel Worthington

Fifth Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Third Year (S) Samual Holmes

Fifth Year Prefect (R) Fiona MacLeod


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