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Kissing Cousins, part 2

Posted on Friday, 25th of November, 2011 @ 3:16pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead



"Not... exactly." He said slowly and softly as he raised a brow to the snake as he looked at him. "Hey. Shut up, Rasputin. It's scary how much you know me so well."


There was a lot of information in that comment. What sort of influence? And partake in what? She wasn't sure she wanted to ask. "Wait, you didn't go to your own mother's wedding?"

"I didn't even know about it till it was a done deal. The first I knew was when the Principal told me that I was transferring to Hogwarts. I knew she'd been seeing the guy since last spring, that's why I spent last summer at my grandfather's, so I wouldn't get in the way." Barny paused, "My mother and grandfather don't exactly get along. Gramps was ok, but stuck up a lot, and he usually gets what he wants. He'll probably disown me too when I don't take his place in the company, but I can't see myself sitting behind a desk for the rest of my life. I want to travel and see new things, meet new people..."

"Ras? Go over there." Reginald said as he turned and looked at the snake, who just got wide eyed.

"What?! Why me? You're the one ssspying on her."

"Because I asked you to... and because your my friend... and because if you don't I'll stuff you and Tribble in a room where its just you and her and no way out."

"Your an evil man, Missster Price. Pulling the Pygmy Card." Rasputin looked over and then looked back to Reginald. "Alright... Fine. Assss long assss you promissse to not over exaggerate and do sssomething ssstupid. Every time you do sssomething without thinking, you get yourssself into a even worssse sssituation and my ssscalesss alwaysss hasss to deal with the fall back."

"What fall back"

" You? Pissssing and moaning about how much of a bad idea it wasss and how much you ssshouldn't have done it. I like to call it the Rasssputin told me ssso ssspeech." Rasputin smiled and then slithered away towards Barney and Jennifer, staying within the grass.

"That's terrible," Jen said sympathetically. "I can't believe your mother didn't even invite you to her wedding." She shook her head. "I can't imagine either of my parents doing anything like that. Or making me go somewhere else for the summer. That's horrible. And you haven't even seen them HERE?" She couldn't imagine being that out of touch wiht her parents. She touched his arm. "I'm sorry."

Barny smiled. "It's fine, even when I was staying with my mom for the summer, I've been taking care of myself for a long time. Heck, for a long time I felt like I was taking care of her too. Part of why I didn't go home was that I didn't want to mess up things between them, and my gramps asked a couple of times if I wanted to stay with him for a summer, so." Barny paused, Wendy was acting a little funny, so he kept an eye on her as he continued, " I think that it was good to give them the time to build their bond. If he's taking care of her and making them happy, then I don't want to get in the way. I'll be 18 soon enough, and it has to be hard for a grown man to suddenly have a son who's almost a man himself."

Rasputin slithered closer to them. He came up behind them and stayed low to the ground. He could head their conversation clearly. He stayed quiet as he slowly raised his head, his yellow eyes poking out as he shifted them back and forth between the two.

Tribble was a little nervous. Jennifer looked into the air and noticed a falcon flying around. She put a hand on her pygmy puff to help her feel safe. "Well, I wish you well. It's hard enough coming to a new school. Harder when you don't have family around."

Wendy suddenly dived, she was headed behind them, so Barny turned and moved behind Jennifer, crouched low. He couldn't see what had Wendy upset, but she screamed piercingly, as if in warning, so Barney pulled out his wand as Wendy landed in front of him, stretched out her wings and screamed again.

Tribble saw the bird land and began to screech defensively. Jennifer turned to Barney. "Put that away." Tribble seemed more upset by the bird than anything else, so Jen wasn't concerned.

Rasputin slithered back and then hissed.

Reginald saw the bird circle and then land. Quickly he pulled out his wand and aimed it in that direction. He saw the Falcon screeched toward the snake.

Barny saw the movement of the snake and aimed his wand at it, then said "Is that the snake that I heard ate your last pet? I think it's developed a taste for them." He could see that the snake wasn't poisonous now, and was small enough to handle. He put his fingers on Wendy's shoulder and she lowered her wings a little, slowly calming, but not taking her eyes off the snake.

Jen saw Rasputin in the grass. Oh, no. She had to protect him before Barney or the falcon hurt him. She rose quickly, wand out. "No, that's a pet snake." Unfortunately, she was too concerned about helping Rasputin and wasn't paying attention to where she ut her feet. She almost stepped on Tribble. In her effort to not hurt her pet, she stumbled and fell into Barney.

Reginald had seen enough. He rose from his hiding spot and held his wand out. "Call off the Falcon!" He screamed as he looked over to the two on top of each other. "Or she becomes tonights dinner." He said softly and then gave an evil smile. "Miss Collins... Tsk Tsk Tsk. You should be ashamed of yourself. A prefect such as yourself caught in a compromising position with another student. You should be ashamed."

Jennifer was furious. Was he spying on her? Why else was he skulking around out here? And why send Rasputin? The poor snake could get EATEN.

She scrambled to her feet and pointed her wand. "Expelliarmus." For good measure, she turned and did the same thing to Barney. "Behave! Both of you!" she ordered.

Jen grabbed Tribble and put her in her cargo pocket. Then, partly for protection and partly for spite, she picked up Rasputin. "Let's get you away from that bird," she whispered.

Without another word or a backward glance to either of the boys, she stormed back into the castle.

Barny retrieved his wand, quickly, and let loose a trilling whistle that sent Wendy flying skyward. He was so confused, "What the devil are you doing following around my cousin?"

"HA! You sssee! Sssomeone caresss about my well being! I'm done being your ssspy!" Rasputin popped his head over her shoulder and continued to yell at Reginald. "You can find yourssself sssomeone elssse to play your patsssy. Psssycho Catsss! Ssswallowing Pygmy Puffsss! Dodging Badgersss! Dive Bombing Falconsss! Thatsss it! Your on your own! I'm gonna get a heart attack becaussse of you! I've ssshed my ssscalesss three timesss thisss week! It'sss the ssstressss, Reg!" Rasputin stuck our his tongue and wiggled it, like he was blowing a raspberry at him.

(To be continued...)

Fifth Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins

Fifth Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Fifth Year (G) Barnabus Collins


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