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Intro to Parents Weekend and Open House. (Part 2)

Posted on Sunday, 27th of November, 2011 @ 7:59pm by First Year (G) Cassandra Crump & Second Year (R) Emily Williams & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Third Year (H) James Lowell III & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & First Year (R) Tom Emerson & Third Year (H) Keesha Thomas & Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Professor Gallen Fray & Mister Steve Rogers & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Reece O'Neil (R) & First Year (R) Lillyandra Williams & First Year (S) Roddrick Gradbury & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Hogwarts and Hogsmeade
Timeline: Last Weekend of November

[From part 1]
Mason carried two packages one was a broom servicing kit he had purchased the other was a gift from his parents to Cassandra. The newest model of the Firebolt series, the Firebolt 2018 they had literally just gotten them the day they purchased it. He moved away from Astra and scanned for her smiling as he saw her coming and her eyes lighting up as the broom was wrapped up. "What is this?" Cassandra asked. "A present from your grand mum and grand dad." Mason answered, "They said now that they can spoil you a bit they may as well do it big." He said handing her the package. She quickly opened it and her eyes lit up and a big smile came over her face. "I can't wait until our next practice so I can use it." Cassandra said.

"This one is from me so you can take care of it." he said handing her the servicing kit. Cassandra gave him a big hug, "Thanks dad. I have to keep it in the head of house's or the coach's office when I'm not using it for Quidditch." She said.

"I'll carry it for now then until we can get it put away." He said.

[Ravenclaw Common Room]

"Whats the point?" Emily said looking at the floor.

"Well, you're parents should be coming. They all got letters" Millie replied simply. "I wonder if mine will be here soon" she explained.

"I doubt mine will come. Neither of them care about me" Emily replied sadly. "My father threw me out of the car at Kings Cross, simply stopped. Didn't even help me get my trunk and things out, he didn't even stop the car engine" Emily said. "Told me to get out and go"

"Thats awful!" Millie said.

"I'm used to it I guess"

"Well, how about you do go have a look. You never know" Millie told her with a smile.

"Theres no point, Like I said"

"Come on, we'll go down together" Millie said taking her hand. "Follow me, I know some Hogwarts short-cuts that First Years won't know of yet" she explained with a slight wink and smile as she led Emily out of the common room into the halls.

=[One of the parapets]=-
"I guess this is the closest I'll get to having parents visit." James said to the open locket with the picture of his mother that his dad had given him when he came to Hogwarts.

"You'll always have me to talk to when you need me." replied the locket.

James almost fell off the parapet then, barely managing to grab the crenelation in time. "What!"

"I used to talk with your Father, my husband all the time, but he thought you needed me more." said the locket from where it laid around his neck. "But you've grown up strong, but still need someone, so I'm here for you James. When you're alone, we can talk."

"M... Mum?" stammered James.

"Yes, dear, I wish I could be there to see you and to hold you, but this is all that's left of me. It's the only way I can be here, first for your father when he needed me, and now for you."

-=[Front Steps]=-
Kelly sat on the steps waiting, "They should have been here already." She muttered. But there was no sign of their black sedan anywhere. She sighed, hoping that they were coming, even though the pit of her stomach was sinking lower and lower.

Alena pulled her parents passed the group at the main door. "Come on, come on! you have to meet the defense against the dark arts teacher! She's down right morbid, and creepy."

"Is she a pureblood?" Mister Ignatova asked.

"Who cares, she's MORBID, AND CREEPY." Alena exclaimed. "I love her classes. Even though she doesn't teach any really good dark arts stuff."

"Disappointing." Ignatova muttered.

"She isn't allowed too. The Hogwarts curriculum is apparently defensively biased." Alena said, dragging her father along, almost literally.

"It is still better than sending her to the girly frilly school... batdroppings... or whatever it was." Mrs. Ignatova pointed out.

"And wait until you meet the History of Magic teacher! He's a ghost!" Alena exclaimed, dragging them out of ear-shot of the main entry.

"A ghost? Teaching Magic? Amazing!" Mrs. Ignatova said.

"You said there was a painting, as well?" Mister Ignatova asked.

"Well, COME ON, then." Alena said. "You have to see!"

-=[Around the Castle]=-
After breakfast, Barny had decided to take a few extra laps around the castle grounds. To him this was just going to be another day off of classes. His mom hadn't written since he'd come there, and America was a long ways off for his Grandfather to come visit. He turned a corner, and there sitting on a bench by a pond was his mother with a strange man, Obviously waiting for him. She looked a lot better than he remembered. He slowed down and came up to them.

"I told you he'd come past here." Said his mother to the man. "Barnabus, this is Humphrey."

The strange man stuck out his hand to him and Barny shook it firmly, locking eyes with the man. The man's eyes were kind and gentle.

Barny finally smiled, "I can see why my mom likes you."

Humphrey blushed, "Well, she's a good woman, and I like her too. She's a genuinely good heart."

"Yes, she always means the best in what she does." He took a seat and the 3 of them began to talk...

Gabe saw his parents enter the great Hall. Deciding to show off a little he deployed red sparks from his wand tip. He then waved. He hugged. " Wait til you see the common room!" he said


Alyssa sat there reading one of her textbooks. Her parents never attended Parents Weekend and she knew they wouldn't be attending this year. They never made an attempt to get involved with her education after her first year of Hogwarts, thus she rarely wanted to see them.

She sat there, feeling glum. She couldn't help but feel a tinge of envy when she saw the other students strutting around the castle with their parents. How fake everything was. All of the teachers seemed to put on a mask that made them kind and compliment even the worst students. But she knew. She knew that the moment the parents left, the professors would resort back to their original ways and secretly detest most of the students. Well, most of them except for Alyssa. They loved her.

Jennifer's parents couldn't make it this year, but she wasn't concerned. Her father was presenting a paper at an important conference that weekend in London and her mother was with him. They'd come three times before, each time understanding a little more, but they still felt out of place in her magical world.

Jen didn't push it. They were loving and supportive, even if magic baffled them. So she grabbed some books and headed for the library to stay out of everyone else's way.

Tom sat in the court yard reading one of his books and watching the offer students and percents and wonder if there was any one who cared about him.

Keesha waited anxiously in the courtyard for her parents to arrive. She saw them walking with a group of parents and raced over to give them hugs. "Mom, Dad, you'll never believe what I've learned so far. I can make a feather float and there's this girl named Emily who blows things up. It's really awesome! Oh, and one of my teachers turns into a CAT..." She took her mother and father by the hend and led them to the Great Hall.

Jean-Paul waited silently in the Great Hall with most of the other teachers. He was decidedly uncomfortable in the brightly lit, crowded room, but he was required to be here, and he had to play the obedient employee for a while longer, yet. He wore a pair of black gloves in order to avoid touching the muggle parents that were there, but he left them on for everyone, so as not to be thought prejudiced. He did everything short of using magic to avoid being noticed, and for the most part, it was working.

Sam walked down the hall, spotting his mother and father. He walked to them at slightly slower than his normal pace. He didn't want to appear weak by running to them like many of the other people here. He gave his mother a brief hug and his father a bow. "Hello Mother, Hello Father" He said out loud to them. "I am glad that you were able to come"

When Ben spotted his mother in the crowd, he rushed towards her at a fast walking pace. She had not seen him yet, and grabbed her in a bear hug just as she noticed him rushing her. "Mother!" He said quite loudly, not being able to hide the excitement in his voice. She hugged him back, holding on to her son who she of course missed terribly longer than he was trying to, Ben was trying to move to his father and hug him as well. He loved life at Hogwarts, but parent day was always a blast.

[To be Continued...]



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