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Intro to Parents Weekend and Open House. (Part 4)

Posted on Tuesday, 29th of November, 2011 @ 11:28am by Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod
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Mission: Parents Weekend



Kelly had been ushered inside by one of the professors, quite against her will. Her parents still hadn't arrived and she was afraid she would miss their arrival, but the professor would have none of it, and almost physically pushed her into the great hall along with a few other strays. Kelly sat, alone, yet surrounded by people. She grit her teeth against crying, lest someone worry about her more than they already did. The problem with eating was enough of a weakness without adding more fuel to the fire.


Barny sat between his mother and new father, not that he'd known his real father. He supposed that made the man somewhat his father, though of course the original hadn't stuck around to see how Barny would turn out at all. He'd asked many times during his life what his real father had been like, but his mother had just smiled and gotten a far away look in her eyes. She had a similar look in her eyes right now, though they were focused on her new husband.

Victoria looked at Humphrey, they'd both agreed to not tell Barnabus that Humphrey was his real father. Too many years had gone under the bridge to go back. Humphrey hadn't been able to be with Victoria for a lot of reasons, foremost the feud between their parents, and the fact that for a long time Humphrey hadn't had the means to take care of them. Now Humphrey's parents were gone and he had a good enough position to do that, and they still loved each other as much as they had back then. They'd both had their dalliances in the years in between, but never had anyone ever compared to what they felt for each other.

-=[Front Steps - Almost the end of the day]=-
Wellington walked down the stairs on the way to leave. He'd met up with Susan, now a 6th year, who'd he'd been seeing for almost a year now. The room of requirement certainly had it's uses when you needed somewhere to be alone. Now sated, he'd left Susan warm and sleepy in the bed there with a kiss. As he made his way out of Hogwarts, he thought back to the times they'd slipped away to be together. He'd intended it to be just a dalliance, but Susan's ample charms were... addictive. She had almost nothing in the way of real brains, but she was easily mailable, docile, her body was pleasing in form and feel, and the one area that she had show extreme talent for wasn't actually magic, but it certainly felt like it. Suddenly, a voice broke him from his reverie.

"W... Wellington?" said Kelly, tears in her eyes.

Who the hell was this child? Then his mind flew back to the summer before last, where his father had introduced him to another man and this child. His father had needed money, their house had wanted stronger ties to the main family, a bargain had been set where both sides were pleased, their house would fund certain ventures for the main family, and the children would be wed to strengthen the ties between the houses. It had seemed unimportant at the time, but if his coming here to play with Susan was found out... What was her name again, Agnes? No... Grace??? Kelly! "Kelly, dear I've been looking all over for you to visit with you!"

Kelly sprang to her feet and ran to Wellington, crying out his name and clinging to him. He'd come to see her! Her own parents hadn't come, but her Wellington had! She felt his arms wrap around her and his hand stroke her hair.

Wellington felt his gorge rising, this dreadful little child was clinging to him, too thin, she looked more like a boy with long hair than a real woman, though that in and of itself lent a perverse pleasure to it. He had to keep up appearances at least until the business dealings were over with. "There, there, Kelly, it's all right I'm here." At least until I can find an excuse to leave...

One of the professors, a quite good looking woman one at that, saved the day for Wellington.

"There will be none of that on the school grounds!" She said sternly. "Visiting hours are over now, Off with you!"

Wellington knelt down to Kelly and smiled as he looked into her eyes, "Next time will be different." He kissed her forehead while thinking, yes, different, next time I'll make sure to avoid you completely. He rose and strode off towards his Destrier.


Fiona ran into the library, slowing only when one of the librarians gave her a stern look. "Hey, Jen! Your parents are outside. They're looking for you."

"My parents are at a conference in London," Jen said calmly, not even looking up from her book.

"No, they're outside. They want to see you," Fiona insisted.

With a sigh Jen closed the book and put it in her bag. "Okay, let's go." At least by going she could prove to Fiona that it wasn't her Mum and Dad.

She walked outside the castle and took a double-take. It was her parents. "Mom, Dad!" She rant to them and hugged them both. "I thought you had a conference in London!"

"We did, dear. But your father made special arrangements to give his presentation yesterday. They wer every good to change things for him. We didn't tell you because we wanted it to be a surprise, dear," her mother said, grinning broadly.

Her father laughed. "We figured you'd be in the library."

Jen's sheepish grin told him he was right. "Come on. Let' me introduce you to some of my friends." She looked around carefully, wondering how she could accidentally bump into Reg.

She slipped one arm through each of her parents and took them on a tour of the castle. "We have some new teachers this year. We have a special class next semester on temporal science. It's taught by a painting. Really. You have to see him. His painting rains and everything."

-=[Slytherin Boys Dorm]=-

Reginald sat on top of his bed and was in the middle of drawing a picture of Jennifer. He was well deep into the drawing that he didn't catch the soft sound of the three white Ravens landing on the window sill. There was a slight moment of silence before all three of them cawed at once, catching Reginald off guard and making him drop his pencil and parchment. He turned around quickly as he saw the three familiar birds. Portho's was the short plump bird, Aramis was the one whose coat was always well groomed the more alluring Raven, and Athos was the alpha Raven. The bird who was scarred from fighting, was missing a claw on one of his talons, and had one glazed over eye.

"Oh no." He said softly as he ran to the window and looked out to see the carriage pull up. As he got close Athos cawed and snapped his beak at him. This made Reginald step back a bit as the Raven extended his breast out to look strong. "Do that again and I will turn remove your feathers!" He yelled as he ran back over and hid the picture in his secret spot and walked out of the boys dorms to meet his parents, before they started to look for him and cause more problems.

(To be continued...)

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