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Morning run

Posted on Tuesday, 29th of November, 2011 @ 12:58pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Mission: Halloween and Hogsmead
Location: Hogwart's grounds

Barney stepped out of the castle, it was looking to get rainy later. He let out a shrill whistle, and he heard a responding screech from the stabling area, and a ruckus from some upset owls. Barney sighed, and began to stretch a bit. She'd never touched a one of them, yet they were all afraid. It was almost a mirror of him and they way that people looked at him for the way he dressed. Today he was decked out in his high soft sky blue boots, a pair of orange shorts, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and his favorite rainbow knit cap.

He heard a screech, much closer and behind him, and began to run, using the natural and man-made obstacles of the grounds. Sprinting, rolling, cartwheeling, almost as much acrobatics as actual running, leaping and twisting in the air. He heard the steady beat of wings close by him and smiled. At school, this was the time they could spend together, they spent it in comfortable silence, with occasional whistles and screeches between them. This was the time when Wendy seemed happiest, and Barney as well. The feeling of the wind rushing past them, the feeling of freedom.

He heard a voice from the direction of the castle, but it was too far off to tell what was being said. Barney looked over and almost took an unplanned tumble when he saw a group of girls on one of the balconies, pointing and talking among themselves. He focussed on running instead of them. He wasn't sure if they were laughing or what, but he couldn't let that distract him. If he stopped to show off, He'd be late for breakfast... and look like a goofball.

He continued on his run, not really noticing that there were other groups on other balconies. He concentrated on his immediate surroundings, new ways to use them, on Wendy and himself. After a good half hour, he found himself back where he'd started and held up his arm, feeling the bite of Wendy's claws through the thick leather. She made almost cooing noises as he stroked her head a bit and fed her some small pieces of Jerky and scratched her chin where she liked it. Soon enough it was time for him to go in and as if she could understand what he was thinking, Wendy took flight back towards the stables.

Barney entered the bathroom where he had stowed his bag and wiped himself down with his shirt before washing himself well with a rag at the sink and changing into school clothes for the day. stowing everything away, he headed for the great hall, and breakfast.


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