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Midterms with DADA

Posted on Sunday, 12th of February, 2012 @ 3:35pm by First Year (R) Morrigan Lavin a/k/a Morgana & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (R) Millie Anderson & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump

Mission: Parents Weekend


Jennifer was the first to arrive for her Defense Against the Dark Arts midterm. She took a seat on the front row and began to mentally review what they'd studied that semester.

Pandora slipped in and sat at the back of the classroom. Her hair was pulled back out of her face into a pony tail where she had been studying. She watched Jennifer where she sat but said nothing to the girl for now.

Barny walked in, almost in a daze. He'd just come from the Herbology final and his head was spinning. More often than not he'd had to guess at answers, and he was sure that he had completely and utterly failed. Even with all the studying he'd been doing on the side in the library and during the detentions... There was no way to cram 4 and a half years worth of courses into less than a month's time. He sighed, at least he would do alright in here. He took out his quill and inkpot and prepared.

Alyssa was running late. She had gotten distracted by talking to one of the portraits on the grand staircase and was told that she should get going a few minutes later by a neighboring portrait that seemed to be getting irritated with their conversation. She entered the classroom, out of breath for darting up the stairs. She moved into her desk and immediately slumped herself, sighing in relief that she could get a short break.

Ben took a seat in the second row. He didn't want to be too close to the front, but not far in the back either. This was the exam he felt he was ready for. He was mentally running spells through his mind, focusing on spell counters and harmless spells that would accomplish incapacitating someone. He sat there with his eyes closed, breathing very slow and deep, his fingers absentmindedly moving across the handle of his wand.

Reginald came into the classroom and then took his normal seat. He was relieved to know that this crazy weekend was coming to a close. The sooner his parents left, the better he would be about going back to his normal routine. He had a lot of things in his head right now. Finding more time to spend with Jennifer, The Chamber Of Secrets, Getting away from his parents, and the upcoming Quidditch Match. The last thing he wanted was to remember all those DADA spells.

"Hey Reg" Millie said from behind him. "Hope you're not afraid of the upcoming Quidditch match, just remember who wins plays Ravenclaw and I have one hell of a team this year" Millie added with a evil smile.

Barny looked over at Millie, biting back a comment at Reg. "Well, Millie, he likely won't have to worry about it, You'll be facing us Gryffindors." Barney smiled at the pair, then looked up to the front of the class.

Fiona walked into the room and laughed at Barny's comment. "Yeah, and we'll beat you, too." She took her seat near the back of the room.

"Settle down, Darlings. Settle please." She held up her hands and then waited for everyone to be quiet. All the while Lola was waiting to see who would settle down and who would give her trouble. Keeping her smile on her face as she watched them all.

Barny put eyes front and locked on Professor Morgan. The name made him think of some of the people he had used to hang with in the summers in California. They had used to Freestyle run with him but had taken to drinking, and one of the things they had drank was Captain Morgan's rum. He smiled as he imagined her bedecked in jewelry, her hair set free and dressed in a pirate's outfit like in the old Pirates of the Carribean movies. It was ridiculous of course as she appeared to have a few too many pounds around the middle to actually make a proper pirate.

Jennifer sat quietly, waiting for the professor to continue.

Fiona leaned back in her seat, curious to see what sort of exam the professor would give.

Barny smiled at Fiona, lots of spice in that one, he noted. He hadn't really noticed before, but then again, he hadn't been there that long. Pretty, long hair, and a nice smile. He looked back at the teacher and brought his attention back to what was going on around him again.

Lola eyeballed Barny quickly. She narrowed her eyes as she picked up the slight thoughts in his mind. The comments he gave were slightly unflattering, so she planned on giving him a bit of a hard time. She smiles again as she looked around the room.

Pandora sat quietly, she just wanted the test to be over so she could get away from all these people.

"Alright, Children." She waved her wand as all the doors slammed shut. The curtains all closed and then the candles dimmed. "Please look toward the while screen." Lola waved her hand at the chest next to her desk as the enchanted locks unlocked and the chest opened. Papers and Quills began to float up and spread out toward the students. Each student was given a series of papers and a special quill. The quills were all black as the light from the projector lit and an image appeared on the white screen.

"I am going to show you a series of creatures on the screen. You will write down its name and the proper defense for each creature. There are a grand number of creatures and a variety of spells to use. Please explain your answers in two paragraphs. Each paragraphs will be 7 complete sentences. No less or you will loose points. The test will begin when I say. Anyone caught cheating will receive an automatic failing grade." Lola was quiet for a moment and then looked around as she put her hands on her hips. "Are we ready, My Darlings?" She smiled at them and continued to look around the room.

Barny took the quill and sat poised to write while staring at the screen. He wondered about this, wouldn't this be properly part of the care of magical creatures? Well, maybe it did fit in both.

SEVEN complete sentences? Fiona blinked. Five was plenty, wasn't it? But she wasn't about to question the teacher.

Nor was Jennifer. But she was more confident in her ability to write seven sentences. Exactly seven, however, might be tricky. But it sounded like a fun challenge.

Millie was staring at the projector image and was trying to work out what to do againt the creature infront of her. So far she had got five sentances in her paragraph, but didn't know what to write about for another two. Perhaps some weird fact or how it eats or something like that?
"More magical creatures then Defense Against the Dark Arts" she whispered to herself as she continued.

Jennifer carefully thought out her answers and began to write.

Fiona wrote, scratched out what she wrote, and wrote again. Six sentences. She split a clause into two sentences, and had seven. With a sigh, she moved on to the next question.

Barny was reminded of Haiku, where you had to put your poem into a certain number of syllables. He quickly jotted down his answers for each creature as requested. It wasn't as hard as making a haiku to add on extra bits as it was to make things fit into a smaller space.

Pandora's quill wrote quickly across the parchment. She wanted to be sure nothing was left off her paper. The written exams was usually where she excelled. She had the book knowledge it was the practical use that usually gave her problems except for the spells she had seen cast all of her life.

Ben sat and wrote out the answers to this test. He worried about some of the other classes, but not this one. The answers came to him with ease. He even took time to write a couple of the other spells that would work.


Hours had passed and finally the time was up. "Quills down, Darlings. Quills.... Down." Lola emphasized as she looked around and then spotted a few children racing to write. "I said... Stop!" She yelled as she waved her wand and then quills flew out of their hands. "Please walked your papers to the front of the class and placed them neatly on my desk."

Barney sighed, he knew about a lot of the creatures from his studies, but there were some he couldn't identify, much less explain how to protect against. He placed the paper on the desk and headed out of the room. Still, he didn't think it was all bad. He certainly did better than he thought he had done with Professor Longbottom's course.

When class ended there were mixed sighs and groans. Tests were turned in and books gathered as the classroom quickly emptied.

Lola gathered up the papers and smiled. That went better than expected.


Professor Lola Morgan a/k/a Morgana
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