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Arithmacy Mid-Term

Posted on Tuesday, 13th of December, 2011 @ 11:41am by Professor Edward Asquared & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Artithmacy Room
Timeline: Midterms

OOC: Arithmacy is an Elective at Hogwarts, so if you don't want to be taking it, feel free to remove yourself from the post.

Edward had set up the room for the tests. On a table next to the door was a box containing copies of Yesterday's Daily Profit with a sign saying "take one" along side the ubiquitous box of unmarked scratch paper that was a regular in the class.

He sat on the edge of a well-worn, but spotless desk, nodding and smiling at students as they came in.

Jennifer walked into the room and looked at the box. Curious, she took a copy of the Daily Prophet and a piece of scratch paper and took her seat.

Alena's Arithmacy was not something she'd care to brag about. Contemplating the copies of the Daily Prophet, she decided against picking up a copy. She took a deep breath, and prepared to fail her midterms.

Barny wandered in, feeling a bit better now that he had some food in his belly. He nabbed one of the newspapers, some scratch paper and gave a wave to the professor, who smiled back, albeit with gritted teeth at Barny's disheveled garb. Barny took a seat up at the front, where he usually liked to sit.

Ben sat down at a desk near the door. He liked to learn extra skills, but he had to admit that he was bored with this class. He began to read the Daily Prophet that laid in front of him covering his scratch paper. He saw some of the headlines regarding the Quidditch teams, but tore himself away from them so he could read the financial news, assuming that might be the appropriate section for the class.


"Welcome young masters and mistresses," He waved his wand and a copy of the Daily Prophet flew to in front of the student that had failed to grab a copy. "I had a carefully prepared test for this midterm, but some of the students of the class decided that it was a good idea to, Ahem, find their way into my office and my cabinet and make copies of the planned test." He held up his copy and it burst into flames in a bright flash, yet not burning his fingers. "You can thank them, but this year's midterm will be strictly an applied theory test. On Page 5 of the newspaper, you will see an article of the near bankruptcy of the Chinese version of the ministry of magic, which has a great deal to do with them running and heavily investing in their industry and the loss of contracts as more countries have brought their manufacturing home from foreign suppliers. I want you to use numerology to make predictions about what steps will be necessary to recover from their current situation. I want 2 such predictions for every year that you've been a student here at Hogwarts, and are welcome to add more for extra credit, if you have enough time. The highest graded student will receive a special prize." At this point, he pulled out a box out of his briefcase with a huge bow on top, setting it on the desk.

Ben listened to the professor give the description of the test. After listening, he carefully numbered his parchment from one to twelve, purposely leaving some space at the button of the page for anything extra. As it dealt with finance, he had skimmed the article the Professor spoke of, but he went back to read it a little bit more thoroughly. He began to write his answers. eight of them he was able to give nice example, good hearty paragraphs that encompassed his thoughts on the matter and solid predictions. The last four were a little bit weaker. He wasn't able to come up as many points, and they were only one or two sentences. He looked at the time piece on the professors desk, he had a little bit of time left. He wrote out a couple paragraphs, detailing what he thought the Chinese ministry should do to fix things, not caring that it was unconventional. He advocated that they use a business forum to cross over to the muggle world and make money there as well as the wizarding world.

Alena quickly wrote up plans, which all entailed the enslavement of house elves, giants, and even, in a few cases, Muggles. While all of the ideas certainly would make the economy brighten up, due to only paying it's enslaved creatures in food, which they, themselves, would be culturing, it was not, especially humane. She took great time, and pleasure, describing the jobs that House Elves, especially, would be best at, and how to appropriately punish any of the creatures who stepped out of line.

Jennifer opened the Daily Prophet and spread it carefully on the desk. Then she set the piece of scratch paper in front of her. She carefully perused the article, looking at the tables and charts lining the walls. At least the professor had everything she needed in clear view. After jotting down some notes, she began to write her predictions.


As the bell rang for the end of class, Edward smiled and said, "Make sure your names are on your papers and deposit them on the corner of my desk on your way out. Have a wonderful parent's weekend, I hope to meet some of your parents, and be sure to support your favorite team at the Quidditch match this weekend!" He pumped a fist in the air at the last.

Alena smiled, as she handed her test in. She was hoping Edward enjoy the little cartoon at the bottom of her paper, in which muggles were making shoes, while the guarding wizard was using the house-elf for a feather duster.


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