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Beauty & the Beast

Posted on Monday, 12th of December, 2011 @ 11:07am by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Professor Jihana Temur

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Hogwarts' grounds
Timeline: Morning After Meeting with Headmaster

Barney had been out for his morning run, this time garbed in his usual sky blue thigh high deerskin boots and rainbow colored knit cap as well as a pair of bright yellow mid-thigh shorts and a bright purple muscle T. Wendy screeched and when he looked ahead, he saw a rather attractive woman ahead lugging what appeared to be way too much luggage up ahead. He whistled back to Wendy and slowed to a jog as he approached her. "Want a little help with all that?" he asked as he came up to that.

The older woman looked over at the young man, scrutinising his strange attire. "I'll manage." was all she simply said, continuing to lug the items down the path that led towards the Forbidden Forest.

"Oh, come on!" said Barny, moving alongside her. "It's obvious you can manage, but why should you have to when someone's willing to help? Especially since you're headed towards the forest. It's supposed to be dangerous, but I jogged right through on my way to Hogwarts. Some interesting things in here, some Centaurs and some kind of spiders."

The lady paused, cocking an eyebrow at the young man. He was clearly too young to be a member of staff. And his outfit was way too bizarre for a student's. "Are you a groundskeeper?"

"No, a 5th year, transferred in at the beginning of the semester, I flew from near Heathrow to Hogsmeade and one of the villagers told me the fastest route here was the shortcut through the forest." Barny paused, "Once I was here they told me that the forest was off limits without a teacher, but it didn't seem all that bad." Barny smiled, "So, may I help you? There's plenty of time before breakfast, and what kind of gentleman lets a lady cart that much luggage by herself?"

She considered his offer silently once more before swinging the duffle bag off her shoulder and into his arms. "Alright," as they made their way down the path towards the small cabin, she continued. "And then we can discuss the matter of punishment."

James took the bag, smiling. "Punishment? Officially I wasn't on the roster yet, at least that's what the headmaster said. But he made the rules on it clear, no going in without a professor or a professor's permission or instruction. I'm hoping the new care professor will be someone who goes in more often." He eyed her up again, making the connection, "or maybe someone that would let me help them from time to time in gathering some creatures."

She grunted, smirking with amusement at his speedy comeback. "We'll see." As they arrived, she slowed down, taking in the hut and its surroundings with great nostalgia. The hut was different from the one she remembered from her own school years. She darkly reminded herself that it was due to the events of the Second Wizarding War that a new cabin was needed to be built.

Swinging the door open, she took in her new home. Stepping in, she dumped the luggage on the side and began inspecting it carefully.

Barny set her bag down on the bed and surveyed the cabin as well for a few moments, then said "Be right back." and went outside, leaving the door open to air out some of the musty smell. Outside he found what he was looking for, a supply of logs and a rusty axe. He scourify-ed the axe, then set the first log up. He wasn't used to chopping wood, but soon had a respectable pile of wood cut to about the right size for at least the night.

Coming back in, he put the wood beside the fireplace and put a small amount of the smaller cut wood into the fireplace. Drawing his wand, he made enough sparks to start the kindling, and once well started, put a few of the medium sized pieces in to let build. He picked up a bucket and smelled it. "I'll get you some fresh water yet and be out of your hair."

"That won't be necessary," she responded, bringing out her wand. After he had tossed the old water out, she had him place it on the floor. "Aguamenti." a small jet of water produced itself from the tip of her wand, filling the bucket.

She turned back to the bags she had been rummaging through, producing a kettle and a pocket size sack. Placing the former on the table, she tossed the sack to Barny. "Come on, we don't want to miss breakfast."

As she led the way out the cabin, she turned to look at the young man. "What's your name?"

"Barny... Barny Collins. And what should I call you? You're a bit young to be calling Ma'am..." Said Barny with a grin.

" 'Professor Temur', will do just fine." she chided him even though she had a grin to match on her lips. As they walked up towards the castle grounds and through to the main steps, she enjoyed the surroundings of Hogwarts. Letting out a breath of contentment, she led the way to the great hall.

Barney followed happily and figured splitting the wood would be as good a workout as the one he'd missed. He looked her over as they walked and noticed the well worn walking shoes, the placement of the patches on her clothes, but most particularly the long legged stride she carried herself with. It was a stride that was confident and sure-footed, different than most of the people around here. He moved alongside her as they headed for the great hall, and breakfast.

As they arrived, Jihana turned to Barney. "Well Mr. Collins, I believe this is where we split. Thank you again for your help this morning." she paused to look at the four long tables and remembered how many memories she had here. "Which house are you in?"

"Gryffindor, It's not bad, they can be friendly enough" he smiled. "I hope you enjoy your time at Hogwarts, Professor", he said as he waved.

She nodded, smiling with approval. "Me too. Right then. I suppose I shall see you at the next 'Care of Magical Creatures' class then." Saying her farewell, Jihana turned on her heel and made her way to the front of the Great Hall, where she stepped up to join the other staff at their table.

Barny ate quickly, since he'd have to leave early to change and clean up. It was looking to be a good part of the year.


Barny Collins,
Fifth Year Gryffindor

Jihana Temur,
Professor, Care of Magical Creatures


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