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Frosty Broomsticks, part 4

Posted on Friday, 30th of December, 2011 @ 2:16pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & First Year (G) Cassandra Crump & Mister Steve Rogers & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & First Year (R) Rita Garrett *(DOR)* & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Second Year (R) Emily Williams & First Year (S) Roddrick Gradbury & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes & Fourth Year (S) Dean Carrow & Professor Jihana Temur

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Quidditch Pitch
Timeline: Parents Weekend (Sunday Morning)


" Captains forward." Rogers said, battling an icy wind.

Peter, wrapped up snugly for the weather and warmed by Professor Sangfroid's potion, flew onto the center of the pitch and smiled at Ben. He was looking forward to annihilating Gryffindor today.

Ben watched the smiling face of Peter. He was really hoping a Bludger would knock his face off. He smiled back. "Good luck" he said, extending his hand. [i]they are going to need it[/i]

Cassandra still watched for the game to begin. She was glad Barny had enchanted her gloves. Her hands were toasty warm even if the rest of her was a bit chilled.

Sam sat on his broom, waiting for the call to take off. He watched the box that held the balls, he was going to catch the Snitch, Gryffindor would NOT win the game.

Rogers gave the signal and an assistant opened the chest containing the balls. The snitch flittered by followed by the bludgers. The assistant then threw up the quaffle and the game began.

With the quaffle going to a different part of the field, Barney jockeyed for a good position to the side for a pass in case his team caught it, watching to make sure he didn't have to cut back if the other team caught hold of it.

Peter went for a bludger and sent it hurtling towards Benjamin. Might as well take out their leader first.

"Watch out!" Yelled Barny as he saw what Peter was doing, almost missing the pass of the Quaffle to him. With no more time to focus on Ben, he side-slipped around the Slytherin who was trying to half-ram him to grab the ball. He made his broom spin in the aid and duck into a rounding power drive to shoot him towards the scoring area. He looked for someone to pass the quaffle off to as he approached the baskets.

Muriel caught up with the Bludger launched at Benjamin, and did a spin, with her whacker. The Bludger went flying in the direction of Barny, with a startling amount of speed.

Barny saw the bludger coming, made sure his knees were bent, catching the impact with his feet, letting the bludger push him up to higher speed, angling towards the center instead of the right hand goal, He pushed off at the end, slamming the quaffle through the hoop and pulled up. The Blodger hit the back of the broom as it swept past, putting him in a head over heels spin for a second before he levelled out. "Thanks for the boost, Muriel!" Barny grinned as his stomach stopped spinning and headed to the center of the field

Peter wasn't pleased. The quaffle flew past him and he used the bludger to stop another Gryffindor attempt at the goal. He grinned as Reginald caught the quaffle and headed for the Gryffindor goal.

Muriel decided that it was appropriate to return the favor. They'd practiced this before, and nodded at Peter. The plan, really was simple. Quickly launching the other bludger at the Keeper. She hoped Peter would remember the plan.

Ben flew near the rings watching the game and keeping an eye on the quaflfle. He saw Reginald with the quaffle and flew at full speed right at him, using his shoulder to throw his full weight into him while blaring the muggle song "I believe I can fly" at the top of his longs.

Reginald recovered and launched the quaffle at the goal, barely missing the keeper and just entering the circle. It was enough. Goal for Slytherin.

Sam flew around the field, outside of the mass of players. He was looking for a glint of anything. Sam could tell that Peter was busy so he flew near the second beater and told him to launch the bludger at Luther Cross once Sam could get him flying good. Sam went back to looking for the snitch, this time staying right in the view of Cross. He began moving his head around as if he had spotted something and went flying as fast as he could, even extending his arm as if getting ready to catch something.

Dean adjusted his gloves, scowling at the fact that a goal had gotten past him. Tightening the grip on his broom, the Slytherin keeper dodged to the top hoop.

Rogers watched the scene with undivided attention

Barny flew into the pack trying to strip the quaffle, receiving a sharp elbow to the head that nearly unseated him. He knew it had been a very carefully aimed "accident" and that any retribution on his part would be penalized. His vision cleared just as he heard a familiar crack from behind him. He swiftly turned in place, happily hearing a startled squack from whomever had elbowed him and shot up and away from the pack, trying to spot the quaffle in all this mess.

Cassandra watched anxiously from the sidelines. Watching the different positions and what each did. Learning so she could maybe tryout for the others next year as well and just in case she had to stand in for one of them so she would know better what she was doing.

Peter made the most of the opportunity. He hit the bludger in Barny's direction, freeing Reginald to grab the quaffle and make another goal.

Jennifer kept her cloak around her face so no one would she her silently cheer for Reg.

Barny growled, The Slytherins were using the bludger to good effect, he thought, part of the game, but a dang right pain in the backside. He grabbed Ben's outstretched hand to slingshot him, reversing Ben's direction and send him flying after Reg at a higher speed than the broom normally flew. It took a few seconds for Barny to come to right and he moved to a good position to receive a pass if needed.

For an hour, the two teams fought for the quaffle. Every now and then one of the seekers would make a dive for the snitch, but it continued to elude them.

Slytherin had 90 points, mostly due to the storm and the skill of the bludgers and the chasers. Gryffindor played well, but the storm was against them. They sat at 40 points.

Two hours later the cold began to take its toll. The Gryffindor team was shivering and making far too many mistakes. The Slytherin team used this to their advantage. Thanks to Professor Sangfroid's potion, they were still doing well.

Finally there was a scream from one of the seekers and both dove towards the pitch to catch the snitch. One of he Gryffindor chasers yelped and fell sideways, faling off his broom and landing with a hard thud on the frozen ground.

The two seekers collided and fell to the ground as well. For several seconds everyone held their breath ... then the Slytherin seeker stood, holding the golden snitch aloft.

The game was over. The final score: Gryffindor 70. Slytherin, 300. Some erupted into cheers. Others huddled sadly in their blankets and cloaks.

Peter landed and thudded the seeker on the back. "Good job!" He walked over to Ben to shake his hand in a show of good sportsmanship. If he squeezed a bit too hard, who would notice? Besides, it was a resounding win so he could afford to be charitable.




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