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Hogsmead Town Part 4

Posted on Friday, 30th of December, 2011 @ 3:07pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod

Mission: Yule!
Location: Hogwarts and Hogsmead
Timeline: Saturday, December 23 and Sunday, December 24.

[The Three Broomsticks]

After a moments irritation from Barney's smack, Ben thought about what he had said after it. He in turn looked into first Jen's, then Fiona's eyes. "Lovely Indeed" he said to them with the hint of a grin. "Are you ladies going to the dance with anyone?"

Fiona shook her head. She planned on reading a book that night as no one was likely to ask her.

Barny's face curdled with irritation, then came up with an idea. "Well I can't very well ask my cousin, so I'll be a little more pointed. Fiona, would you care to accompany me to the Yule ball?" He smiled his best smile. "I'd even wear proper attire." That would blow most of the money he had left for the semester, but it would be worth it, he thought.

"Guys, this is not a competition," Jennifer scolded.

"You are absolutely right Jen, there are two of us, and two of you. I am a bit rusty in arithmacy, but that does seem to add up, besides, who better than two fine lads such as us to escort you ladies to the Yule ball?" Ben said to them smiling.

"Except that I've already agreed to go with Evan," Jen said apologetically. "So that leaves Fiona. And the two of you."

Barny's eyes bugged out a little, "Evan?" He wrapped his head around that for a moment ~Not Reg? Much nicer choice, but~ "But I always thought... No, I shouldn't speak ill of team mates like that." ~and here I was always worried about dropping the soap while he was around.~ "That does change things a bit, but your right, Fiona isn't some prize to be won without her say. She's a lovely young woman with a mind of her own, and a strong will as well, with her playing Quidditch. That's what I like about her, I'm not looking for someone meek and mild, but someone who can be an equal." He smiled, "I'll respect her decision in the matter, after all, she'd be the one who had to put up with either of us."

"Well Barney, you are assuming that I want to go with her. She is a lovely lady" Ben paused a moment to look at her as she was sitting at the table after all, "you are very pretty you know" he said smiling, but how would I look walking up, barging in, and asking her to the dance after you have already done so?" He didn't like the idea of going after someone that his team mate had already asked, but he was batting zero today, so he decided to make one gentle ploy, "unless she" he turned to her with a hint of a smile "wanted to go with me."

Fiona gave Jen a desperate help me look. "I still think you're only asking me because you're desperate -- or because you were both hoping to go with Jen..." She gave Ben an apologetic smile. "Barny did ask first, so it's only polite that I go with him." She turned to Barny. "If you're sure, then okay."

"Jen's my cousin, So I couldn't have asked her anyway. But I do think you're pretty, and I came over to ask you as well as to relax in your and Jen's company for a bit. I asked you because you're the one I wanted to go with." Barny said with a smile.

"Oh." That surprised Fiona. This was the first time anyone had asked her to a dance. "Thank you."

Barny smiled happily and gently laid a hand atop hers from across the table, "No, thank you." He said.

Fiona tried hard not to blush, but with her fair skin it was hard to hide. This was something else she was unfamiliar with. She wasn't sure what to say, so she smiled shyly.

Barny smiled euphorically, he really hadn't expected a yes, so rather than making a total idiot out of himself by opening his mouth and yammering away, he decided to just smile and leave it unresolved as to how much of an idiot he could be. He gently squeezed Fiona's hand and smiled some more.


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