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Temporal Arts Pt 4

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:48pm by Professor Gallen Fray & Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Second Year (R) Emily Williams
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Mission: New Semester
Location: Tempora (painting)

OOCKS: I split off the first 3 parts, needs to be a little more in here to make a nice split (currently at 1517 words, need at least 100 more for a nice split.)

Which totalled Reginald's score to two correct answers, and one nearly half, putting him at the top of the class, for scores.


"Well, that's 10 points for Slytherin, then." Gallen said, nodding. "Indeed, the time turner, is one of few charms, or enchanted items, which can correctly meddle through time, though not typically space. One must be careful, while using such charms. If you had answered with a different answer, and still gotten the answer correctly, Tempora would have notified the ministry, at once. That kind of magic isn't especially highly looked upon, despite it's uses. The Butterfly, or Doppler, or even base doppleganger casualty effect, is one of the biggest dangers to consider, while considering time travel. Mister Price is perfectly correct. The biggest issue, to consider, is, if you are going back, a specific amount of time, to alter one simple event, and then immediately return to normal time, you have to worry about what happened to you, during that time. You won't have 'proper' time memories. Worse, still. Most people consider Doppleganger syndrome to be either an ill omen, or some other silly superstition. The fact of the matter is, it's normally wizards, who have attempted to alter time, in precisely this manner. However, Time, nor space, bend, quite so easily. If you do not ensure that the events in question solidify their' place, such as killing the murderer, in Mister Price's example, rather than simply stopping him, at one, specific, time, and place, he'll just do it again, at another. Worse, still, he'll know who you are. And then he'll murder you, or someone who looks like you, like, plausibly, a father, or older brother. And then, one day, he'll see you, in proper time, and recognize you, and you'll die. This, however, causes the temporal casualty loop stipulation, that, as you can no longer go back in time, to stop this from happening, you simply stop existing, in altered time, and thus, just before you attempt to cause an alteration, typically a doppleganger, who looks just like you, will stop you from doing this. Often, that event is fatal. These creatures are called Grues, as they exist, only in the very darkest shadows of time, and instantly devour all who dare enter their domain. Very few people ever learn of them. Other examples, such as Ms. Watkins' example, illustrate the dangers of travelling to the future. You, quite simply, don't know what happens there. The biggest concern, is that you would already be dead, or worse, still, encountered your elder self there. This results, in either people insisting they saw a ghost, or you nearly having a heart attack, because you saw your younger self, perfectly, as you were. I have seen, personally, four wizards commit suicide by time travel, because they traveled to the future, and gave their 80 year old selves, whom they wanted to ask advice from, a heart attack, by appearing, so suddenly. One of them actually caused a rather fascinating casualty loop, by committing suicide alongside his future self. This resulted in the event never happening at all, for him. The issue was, there were four other wizards, who made that journey with him. Thus, a separate dimension, which neither he, nor the other four wizards, could cross from one to the other, was born. As to the establishment of charms, which may, or may not, protect wizards travelling through time, to enter your household, Relashio would be nearly correct, were it not for the fact that it is a single-use assault charm, and not a protective one. Indeed, Protego Totalum, and the irony of a joke answer being correct here, is not lost on me, Temporus Interuptus, are among two charms, or protective spells, which could, in theory, be used, to protect against specific types of temporal travelers. They will not, however stand up, worth a single attempt, against time travel referred to as 'pre-destiny', where, in this dimensional plane, an incident must occur. Though, in an alternate dimension, which usually lasts not long, at all, and spawns directly upon the event of the time-traveler entering the protected area, pre-destined time travel is the most commonly discovered, as the incident, which Mister Price referred to, for example, was required, in order for the structure of future events to occur. The use of Protego Totalum establishes a unique mesh of magical energy, which, depending on the strength of the user, and the strength of time travel, in question, attempts to defend the fabric of space, and time, by negating anything not naturally out of it's time-place. Naturally, or 'pre-destined to occur', Protego Totalum might as well be a wall of oxygen particles, that are completely, and perfectly, the same, as the oxygen particles immediately surrounding them; Functionally useless as a defense. Temporus Interuptus can have disasterous effects, if slightly miscast. The biggest issue with this spell, is, in fact, that it causes damage to the caster's time-line, if the enchantment actually infringes upon disturbed time. Using this charm snaps the temporal traveler invading the enchanted space, again, granted they are not 'pre-destined' to be there, to the same spot, in their' natural time. This, however, does leave a 'bent' bit of time-space, at the very spot, the person left. It frequently can cause other, completely accidental time jumps, identical to the time between the caster's time-line, and the time the temporal traveler had, however, these will be completely random, and thus, hazardous. You could be bringing groceries into your house, and then, POP! Your house is gone, and it's 279 years in the future, and where your house was, the Grand Canyon, is now. Congratulations, you died. Likely, in all honesty, in the exact spot the temporal traveler did."

He stopped, to take a breath. "As you can tell, it takes a lot more, than just base theories, that you have written, to take into consideration. Mister Price used 'the Butterfly effect', and that's true, but it's not the entire effect, in, and of, it's self. In fact, that only stipulates that a paradox has been created. It doesn't go into detail, as to what might occur, between the event, and the paradox, and worse, doesn't explain how the paradox is closed. You can't examine an effect, such as that one, without examining all of the effects related to it. It's not a single thread, but more of a ball of yarn, except the yarn is made off timey-wimey stuff."

He looked from one student, to the other. "Don't worry, if you didn't get all that. If you'll look down at your tests, you'll note that they've replaced your answers with the base summary of my explanations of your answers, and that of your classmates. I think it best we stop the class, here, for today. Your next class, will be posted, on your class schedules. Don't be late, the time-window doesn't work for more than five minutes, and you might miss the entire class."

"Whatever." Reginald said as he walked away and back to his desk to gather his things for his next class, maybe he could sneak in some time with Jennifer before or after it.

Kelly took up her things, her mind sorting the information. There were obviously some holes in what they had been told, likely for their own good, but that begged for answers in her mind. She framed questions for a few moments in her mind. Some of them seemed to have logical answers to why they were omitted- The danger involved, or the amount of time it would take to go over the answers, or even the questions themselves. She ended up being one of the last to leave, and she curtsied to the professor and smiled at him. "Thank you for taking me into the class, I find the subject very thought provoking."

"You were picked, for good reason, Miss Smythe." Gallen said, nodding. "Your answers were very well thought out, and I look forward to seeing your insights into temporal theory."

Kelly smiled, "I just hope I can live up to your expectations. With how dangerous it seems to be from my perspective as a mere novice, It would seem important to have at least a few trustworthy wizards trained in it, simply to minimize the damage that could be caused by someone unscrupulous. I won't take it lightly, Professor."

Gallen nodded. "I know."

Jennifer found the whole subject fascinating. "That you, professor. See you soon!"

Maggie was the last to leave. "Insightful, professor. But be careful you don't cause some of these students to try the very thing you wish to prevent."

"Fixed points, Professor." Gallen said, to Maggie. "One, in specific, may not be able to be helped."

She nodded, understanding. "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know." She headed for the entrance and turned. "Yes, I know that I can't know too much. But I can still help."

Gallen chuckled. "Just, keep a watch, on some of the students. Learning about temporal traversing can send some over the deep end."


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