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Frosty Broomsticks, part 2

Posted on Friday, 16th of December, 2011 @ 3:45pm by Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid & Mister Steve Rogers & First Year (G) Cassandra Crump & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Third Year (G) Luther Cross & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jillian Fortescue & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & Second Year (S) Zoe Grieve & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Seventh Year Prefect (H) Nathan Crawford & Third Year (S) Samual Holmes & Pet Demon & Professor Kathryn Merryweather & Professor Jihana Temur

Mission: Parents Weekend


[Quidditch Pitch - 9:45 AM - Driving Snow]

Rogers stood in his referees robes fighting the snow. It got a little too fast so he donned his goggles.

Jean-Paul sat in the Slytherin cheering section, somber and quiet. Quidditch was an interesting enough sport, and this was an excellent way to help House Slytherin begin to establish dominance at Hogwart's. He remembered giving each of the players a small flask before breakfast. "Keep this with you on the pitch, and if you get cold, have a swallow." What he didn't tell them was that it was a stamina potion. It would boost their metabolic rate, allowing them not to suffer from the cold as much, but more importantly, increasing their reflexes, sharpening their minds, and decreasing muscular reaction time. This would be too easy.

Evan and Jillian came out of the Gryffindor changing rooms wearing their winter quidditch gear. both clutching there brooms, Jillian also held tight to her beaters bat.

Luther ran out behind Jillian and Evan. He bumped into them as he passed and then yelled "Sorry... Sorry." He had a grand smile on his face. This was his first official game of the season. He stopped at the beginning of the changing room hut. He poked his head out and looked at all the people. His smile slowly faded and then he swallowed hard. "Thats a lot of people. What if I cost us the game? What if I don't get the Snitch?" He was nervous now, thinking of all that could go wrong. It wasn't the snow that bothered him, it was letting his team down.

Barny came out, trailing behind the pair. He'd prepared a bit for it, casting the Estus charm on his fingerless gloves. If he made fists, it would keep his fingers warm without interfering with the gripping charm like the Impervius charm he used on his face would. He didn't dare cast it on the broom like he wanted because he wasn't sure if removing it later might not remove other more needed spells.

Cassandra was one of the last of her team to come onto the field. She was making sure everyone had all of their gear.

Barny took pity on the first year and stopped Cassandra, "Hold out your hands." When she complied, he cast "Estus" on her gloves. "Now at least your hands won't be cold."

"Thanks," Cassandra answered with a smile.

Ben gathered the Gryffindor characters together. "Remember everyone, just like in practice, we can do this. We know they will play dirty, watch each others back, and be ready for anything. Are we gonna win? Are we gonna show them who the better house is? Come on, hands in... All together... WHO ARE WE GONNA BEAT!" He shouted.

Barney cheered along with the rest of them, but his mind was running through the play patterns and making sure that his equipment was all set. The left bracer was crucial for this game if what they said about Slytherin was true. the Protega spells he'd loaded were at his full strength now, and had exhausted himself yesterday putting them in at that level of force. Whatever was thrown at him was going to rebound.

Zoe and Jackson appeared out of the Slytherin Changing rooms in there gear with there brooms in two, Zoe glared at the Gryffindors.

Peter was ready to play. It was his last year and he wanted to go out big. Beating the other teams would be a huge bonus to his final year. He looked around for Reginald. Where was his best chaser? It wasn't like him to be late to a game. But then, he hadn't been acting like himself all year. Peter hoped he wasn't off this game as well.

A female Slytherin woman, tall, with brown hair, handed Peter something red. A small bracelet. "That pyromancer woman told me that you were supposed to keep this for good luck." The other Slytherin beater informed him. "Lucky bloke. The damn thing is hot enough to burn my hand."

The Slytherin Keeper adjusted his gloves, snatching up his broom. Nodding to his teammates of his readiness, Dean stepped outside to wait for the rest.

Sam checked his robes and equipment. He had done some practising, but this was his first game. He wanted to do well for his team, and show Gryffindor who was boss.

[Quidditch Field]

Demon was out walking around by the quidditch pitch he often enjoyed watching the pink hairless apes walking flying around and throwing spheres at each other. Some times his pet Nicholi would come to watch. Today he was bounding about playing in the snow.

Nathan found a good spot in the stands to watch the game. It was always great to watch a quidditch game. He had a jar of blue bell flames in his hand to help keep warm.

Alena was handing out flags, on the Slytherin stand. They all said nasty things about various Gryffindor players.

James was in the stands searching for Keesha, Mortimer had excused himself after breakfast saying he couldn't get caught away from the Loch in case the Kelpies started acting up. So far he hadn't been able to spot her.

Merryweather arrived at the teachers box, finding a nice spot and conjured a chintz armchair. Placing her wand and hands in a large white fur muff, and draping an large white fur cover over her legs.

"I hope this seat isn't taken?" Jihana asked, perching herself onto the empty bench besides Merryweather. The small Gryffindor lapel on her cloak glinted under the white snow. "How long until the game starts?"

"Ladies," said Edward as he found a seat next to them. He made sure his bowler derby was well seated and his umbrella was readily accessible. He'd seen the blodger get hit into the stands one too many times, or a spell...

"Professor," Jihana greeted back. "Supporting anyone in particular?"

"I think Gryffindor, but I just like to see a good match, never had the urge to play myself, but always liked to watch." said Edward.

"It's a good game to play." Jihana added. "Mind you, I was never good enough to play on the school team myself but its fun when you're playing for giggles."

"I can imagine, but it's so messy. I don't think I could have dealt with that." said Edward as he brushed something off his trouser leg. Indeed, he was dressed in a colorful sky blue, but immaculate suit, with his bowler colored to match.

"Oh but that's half the fun Professor." Jihana smiled. She was clearly more rough and tumble than most women of similar disposition. But then you had to be to be an Auror. "Ah, here come the teams!"

(To be continued...)

Professor Jean-Paul Sangfroid
Mister Steve Rogers
First Year (G) Cassandra Crump
Fifth Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant
Fifth Year (G) Barnabus Collins
Second Year (G) Luther Cross
Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jillian Fortescue
Sixth Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr.
Seventh Year (S) Peter Percival
Second Year (S) Zoe Grieve
Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova
Fifth Year Prefect (H) Nathan Crawford
Second Year (S) Samual Holmes
Pet Demon
Professor Kathryn Merryweather
Professor Jihana Temur


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