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Stars and Stipes Forever

Posted on Monday, 30th of January, 2012 @ 6:34pm by Mister Steve Rogers & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & First Year (H) Orion Blane & Second Year (G) Alvin Clave

Mission: Parents Weekend
Location: Flight Office (Quidditch Field)

Barny had been summoned down to the Flight Office down at the Quidditch pitch. He hoped they weren't going to complain about the safety equipment that he'd brought with him from America. Or about him doing his own broom crafting. Or about... Barney shook off his chain of thought as he knocked on the door. "Mr Rogers?"

"Mr Collins, right?" he asked

"Yes, Mr. Rogers." Answered Barny, looking out of sorts, "I got told that you wanted to see me?"

"I did." He stood and offered his hand. "Pleasure to meet a man from the Alma Mater." he said.

Barny took the proffered hand, "Ah, Salem Wizarding Institute you mean," Barny said with obvious relief. "I thought I was in trouble for doing my own broom mods and such. There were a few of us over in the states, but here they seem to all buy them. They'll never get the best out of them that way."

"I agree. That's why I brought mine from home." Rogers admitted. "Take a seat. Can I get you anything?"

"Coffee would be nice." Barny said, catching the scent. "That's one thing I miss is decent coffee, besides good fresh seafood. I suppose it's always like that when you move."

"Yeah. it seems that way." Rogers said. "Cream or sugar?"

"Black actually, I try to avoid sugar too much and cream, well, maybe in the morning sometimes, but usually not. So what do you miss from the states?" Barny said as he accepted the mug.

"Familiarity I guess. Just homesick, mainly." Rogers sais. "You?"

"Still getting used to things over here, really. The differences between a crumpet and an english muffin, candy versus sweets. Over here the quidditch teams don't use as much safety equipment as they do in the states, though I think that the states are a little overbearing on that. I'm used to it, but in the beginning it threw me off a lot. Foods, I suppose mostly, though there are some good ones over here and there's usually something familiar. Not daring to try Haggis though."

"Me either!" Rogers replied. "Or eel pie."

A knock arose at the office door as Orion knocked and slowly entered the room, "Um, I was told to report to a Mister Rogers..."

"That'd be me. Come on in!" Rogers said

Orion stepped inside the office and stood by the door.

Barny raised his mug, "Looks like a star-spangled meeting... by the sound of the accent." He took a sip of the coffee, nice and robust, not as watered down as the stuff at breakfast.

Orion gave the fifth year a quizzical look. "What do you mean?"

"People who used to live in the US. I went to SWI, originally, used to play Quidditch there. I lived near San Francisco before, and during the summers." Barney sat back and sipped the coffee again.

Orion nodded his head slightly, "Ah, I see, that makes sense. I never really cared too much for the Quidditch over there. But then again, I only lived there for a short time and didn't have much time for much of anything."

Alvin walked in to the room with a note clutched in his hand. "Um, 'scuse me. They told me to come here. Something about students from outside England meeting up?"

"You heard right. I'm Mr Rogers." he said.

"Hi. I'm Alvin." he answered.

"Hello Alvin, Orion, I'm Barny, Glad to meet you." said Barny with a smile. "Before you two came in we were talking about some of the things we missed from the states, and some of the things from here we weren't likely to try, like Haggis or Eel Pie..."

Alvin made a face. "Yeah, you can keep those thank you very much. I am having a hard time find things to eat that aren't totally weird. I don't think I've ever eaten so much chicken."

"Yeah, at least the breakfasts aren't too bad. It happens I suppose that you break down and try some of the new stuff." Barny admitted.

Rogers nodded. " Welcome, Alvin. Grab a seat! Refreshment?" he said

"Yes, please, Thanks." Alvin said, grabbing a mug of pumpkin juice and taking the offered seat.

Barny looked at the two younger ones and wondered how they would do, as well as how he would do. They were still young and adapted easily. Barny, while not old, had a little more difficulty with it, since he'd had more time to grow accustomed to things. "I know that it's hard getting used to some of the things over here, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm usually easy to find."

Orion nodded, "Thanks Barny."
Orion didn't have many friends and it would be nice to have someone who was slightly older than he was to help if he had any problems.

Barny smiled and raised him mug. "Strangers in a strange land, and all that."

Rogers raised his mug. " Hear hear." he said


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