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Hogsmead Town Part 1

Posted on Sunday, 25th of December, 2011 @ 3:15pm by Seventh Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant & Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis & Seventh Year Prefect (H) Nathan Crawford & Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins & Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova & Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr.

Mission: Yule!
Location: The Three Broomsticks

Nathan and Evan were sat in a cozy corner drinking mugs of hot butter beer with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Alyssa had taken her seat and was looking around casually to see who was also in the establishment with her. Seeing two people that she didn't really know, she sighed to herself before getting up. Her new years resolution was to be more friendly and less distant with people. Deciding to start it early, she walked up to her two class mates. "Hi." she said in a soft tone.

Barny entered, hurrying to close the door, he was quite cold this morning, despite having worn heavy pants, a colorful knit sweater and matching scarf. His knit cap was pulled down over his ears, and the fingerless gloves with a fresh estus spell on them had done little to warm his hands during his morning... Well, he couldn't call it a run with the amount of snow around the castle, more like a slog. "Bitter out, it is, it's days like this that I miss living in California." He ordered a mulled cider and looked around for somewhere to sit.

Alena sat, next to a Slytherin woman. "Two butterbeers." The Slytherin said, with a nod, to the waitress. Muriel Watkins was soaking wet.

Alena, on the other hand, was warm, and dry. Her bracelets, and anklets heated the air around her, and the disturbance in air flow kept the snow from falling on her head. Her foot prints would not be especially hard to recognize, either. They melted the snow.

"You think you passed your arithmancy mid-term?" Muriel asked.

"Hah. The teacher is too much of a muggle-lover for that." Alena said, with a scowl.

Pandora walked in frowned at some of the students there then moved to order a hot butter beer before finding a table to sit and watch for now.

Ben walked into The Three Broom sticks. It was cold and wet, and like many of the others, he wanted a nice hot Butter Beer. He saw a lone Slytherin girl, Pandora he thought, sitting at a table, was about his age. He ordered a drink, then went to the table she was occupying and flipped the chair around backwards before sitting down in it. As a way of greeting, he said "So what are you lot plotting?" not trying to hide the disdain in his voice.

Pandora sneered at him, "At the moment nothing." She said, "I'm just watching for a good opportunity for some fun."

"No doubt at the expense of a first year" he sneered back at her. "What's it like being devious all the time Pandora? It is Pandora right?"

"There are no first years allowed in Hogsmeade," Pandora said, "So plotting against them here is no fun. I'm not devious all the time just to those I feel aren't up to proper standards. If I was devious all the time I wouldn't be wasting my time talking to you after all." She added.

Barny looked at his team mate, Fellow's cruising for some pain. I don't know if she's taken or not but he was sure that Peter or Reg would object to Ben sniffing around like that. Barny drained some more of the hot spiced cider and felt it warming him up inside.

When Ben saw Barny looking at him, he felt a moments shame. While he didn't like what Slytherin stood for, he was starting to act like them. As a means to try to try to smooth over the way that he had been acting he said to her "Can I buy you a butter beer?" he said, in a less hostile tone.

Pandora looked at him, "What's the catch?" She asked having never been offered something like that before from someone outside of her house.

"Catch?" Ben asked "you say thank you?" he added after a brief pause. He looked at the girl, trying not to grin at one of his theories being confirmed... Slytherin had no manners, but he didn't say it out loud. He also turned the chair around, taking a less aggressive posture.

"No one has ever offered before." Pandora said as if answering an unasked question. "But yes I wouldn't mind another butter beer thank you." She replied but there was a look of confusion on her face. She couldn't figure out why he was being nice to her.

Ben held up his hand to get one of the staff members attention. "Could you bring us a butter beer?" He asked, then looked at his own glass, which didn't have much left in it. "Make that two" A couple moments later, a man appeared with a tray, "two butter beers" he said, sitting one down if front of each of them. Ben paid, then took a sip before looking at what ever reaction Pandora would have.

Pandora picked up the mug looked at it a moment then at Ben, "Thank you," She said before taking a sip. She wasn't sure what to say, she thought for a moment then looked at him, "Have you finished your shopping?"

"I have looked here and there, not sure if I am going to get much, how about you?" He wasn't sure what to do now, he really didn't mean to get into a conversation with a slytherin, but here he was, in for a penny in for a pound right? "Perhaps we could go and see if anything interests us?" He almost visibly cringed at asking her that, but would wait for an answer.

"I don't know," Pandora said, "I'm suppose to meet up with some of my other friends a bit later. I really only have a couple of more gifts to buy anyway." Besides she couldn't get anything for her sister if he was tagging along.

Somewhat relieved, and surprised slytherin people had friends, he simply said "well then I guess we can at least finish our butter beers."

"Okay," Pandora answered not sure what else to say as she took another sip of her drink.

Fifth Year Prefect (G) Evan Grant

Fifth Year (R) Alyssa Davis

Fifth Year Prefect (H) Nathan Crawford

Fifth Year (G) Barnabus Collins

Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins

Third Year (DS) Alena Ignatova

Fifth Year (S) Pandora Crump

Sixth Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr.


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