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Hogsmead Town Part 3

Posted on Sunday, 25th of December, 2011 @ 3:34pm by Seventh Year (G) Barnabus Collins & Ministry Employee Peter Percival & Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Benjamin Bradley Jr. & Seventh Year (R) Fiona MacLeod & Seventh Year Prefect (S) Reginald Price

Mission: Yule!
Location: The Three Broomsticks

Peter took about two seconds to figure out what Alena was up to. Not a bad tactic at all. He kissed her back, then draped his arm around Alena and smiled at the other girl. "Hi, uh, Muriel, right?"

Muriel nodded. "Uh.. Yeah. Fourth year, beater on the quiditch team."

"Yeah, I know," he smiled. He knew who she was. He was the Captain, after all. He just didn't know her outside the game. "So, how do you know Alena?"

"I uh.. failed... *erm* my uhm... transfigurations class last year." Muriel said, clearing her throat. "And potions."

"Yeah, but as Alena wasn't here last year, that still doesn't answer my question," Peter said, his tone growing slightly irritated. "How do the two of you know each other?"

"She's in my potions and transfigurations classes." Alena clarified. "She had to retake them. Going at this rate, we both probably will again."

Jennifer and Fiona walked into the Three Broomsticks shortly after Peter. They each got a butterbeer and took a seat at a table in a corner.

Barny cringed, glad he was out of it. Then again, the Yule ball was coming up and he hadn't even thought about a date yet. He saw his cousin sitting with a pretty looking Ravenclaw, He moved over towards them "Mind if I join you two? Or don't you like people who are ugly and whose mother dresses them funny?" He smiled.

"You should have seen some of the students at the Halloween Ball. They dressed like Muggles -- or so they thought. I've never seen anyone dress that badly. Compared to them, you're nothing," Jennifer said.

Not sure if he should feel like his pride had taken a hit, or if he should feel satisfied in ticking off a Slytherin by simply being nice, he decided to simply worry about it later. He walked over to the table Barney had sat down at. "Hullo, mind if I join you all?" he asked them.

Barny looked to the girls, "It's up to them, My cousin here only just let me sit here. Weren't you just hitting up that Slytherin girl... The one that's so cruel to Cassandra, your team mate?"

"Hi, Ben. Have a seat. There's plenty of room." She looked at Fiona then to the boys. "Do you guys know Fiona? She's a fifth-year Ravenclaw. Fiona, this is Barny, a distant cousin from America and Ben, who you probably know from Quidditch."

Barny smiled, "Pleased to meet you, Fiona. I think this is the first time I've seen you around. I transferred in from Salem Academy just last month because my mom moved to England."

"Studying for midterms," Fiona said. "I spend most of my time in the library. New? Well, welcome, Barny."

"I've been going down there a little trying to play catch up on the herbology. I took Metal and Stones instead in America and well, they don't equate quite so well. I think I really need a bit of help with that if I could find someone." Said Barny.

"Stones?" Jen asked.

"Aye, In America we had the choice between Herbology and the metal-stones class. Some of them are really pretty. I had access to all kinds of stones through my mom's shop." Barny said.

"I'm afraid I'm only so-so with herbology," Fiona said.

"I keep getting that, and I've been having scheduling conflicts getting together with Professor Longbottom. I swear the office hours change on a daily basis, or that they change to different hours when the posted hours are getting closer." Barny frowned.

Reginald walked into the Three Broomsticks with his normal clothes. He was in his black pants and black coat. He had on a black buttoned undershirt and good shoes. You could tell he came from a pureblood family. He walked to the bar. "Butterbeer please." He said softly as he looked around at everyone in there.

Jen had her back to the door so she didn't see Reg walk in. She took a sip of her drink. "So, what are you guys doing for winter break?"

Ben had sat quietly while the others talked for a moment. "I am trying a new approach Barney. I don't like them, Slytherin that is, and I don't trust them. I figure being nice to them will do one of two things, either bring some of them around, or get me an in to get some information of how to stop them. Yes, Cassandra is my team mate, and I have promised to look out for her, but she is also displaying some Slytherin tactics. I need to understand them to help them." he said to him, not caring that he girls heard him. He turned to them, "sorry for barging in like this, How are you both today?" he asked giving them his charming smile. "Haven't talked to you in a while Jen, and Fiona, I don't believe I have had the honor of meeting you yet."

"How's that for a non-answer?" Jen said to Fiona before she answered Ben. "Fiona's on the Raveclaw quidditch team."

"Keeper," Fiona replied, smiling. "I understand where you're coming from. I don't trust you, either." She smiled sweetly at both boys. She only meant that she didn't trust them in the game. She really knew nothing about them other than that they played quidditch.

Ben looked at Fiona. "I look forward to our game, see if I can score on you while we are at it." He said with a bit of a competitive smile. "How do you like the position?"

"I like keeping guys like you from scoring," she said, grinning. "But I'm not sure you can beat Slytherin, let alone Ravenclaw. But I do hope we can face each other on the field."

Barney sighed and smacked Ben on the back of the head lightly, "Save that for the field, we're here to have fun, and there's no fun in fighting with two such lovely ladies."

After a moments irritation from Barney's smack, Ben thought about what he had said after it. He in turn looked into first Jen's, then Fiona's eyes. "Lovely Indeed" he said to them with the hint of a grin. "Are you ladies going to the dance with anyone?"


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