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Temporal Arts Pt 2

Posted on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2012 @ 6:46pm by Professor Gallen Fray & Third Year (S) Kelly Smythe & Second Year (R) Emily Williams & Professor Margaret (Maggie) MacAulay & Seventh Year Prefect (G) Jennifer Collins & Fourth Year (S) Muriel Watkins

Mission: New Semester
Location: Tempora (Painting)

Kelly pondered the second part of the test for a moment, and was tempted to borrow again from the work of fiction, but she didn't want to fail utterly. She had long thought about how wonderful time travel would be, but there were always parts of it that bothered her. Most of all was that if you altered the past to change something, then without some state of "grace", by the time you were supposed to go back to fix it, you wouldn't remember there was a need to go back and fix it, so that once that point was passed, time would "snap back" to the original condition and you would then remember and go back to fix it, ad nauseum. She called it a Temporal Causality Loop and tore a small strip of paper neatly from the bottom of her test paper, formed a moebius strip with it, marked one point of it A and the reverse side, which was actually the same side since a moebius strip only had one side and marked it B. She affixed it to the paper for demonstration.


Kelly thought of the many spells from all the books she had learned. While she had more focused on ways to get INTO places, that actually turned out to be useful because in order to know how to get in, one had to know what might be used to prevent one from getting in. Protego Totalum she listed first, going on to write that this was sketchy at best, since if they were capable of casting spells to make time malleable, they could simply create an area where the time was shifted to 10 years hence, walk through the no longer protected area and then release it, leaving them fully and safely inside the protected area. She pondered for some time for another spell that would help, but noticed that time was running out, and out of thin air thought of Relashio, saying it would drive the fellow back, or if you're lucky, confuse the device allowing the time slip, forcing them back to their own point in time.

Kelly looked at the last question in consternation. She'd read a story about a grue that was an adaptation of a muggle video game, Kroz I 3/5, a delightful part about where one of the heroes wandered into a darkened area and was almost instantly eaten alive, but why would that have any bearing? She shrugged and wrote out the best description of that grue as she could, that it was a creature of shadow that could not stand the light, or at least it ran away from light. That it seemed to have the ability to "jump" from one shadow to another without crossing the lighted areas in between.

Jennifer closed her eyes and thought about her answers. There were a number of options both in the wizarding world and in muggle tales. She wanted to be careful. After several minutes she began to write.

Emily who was sat on her own was simply writing down the answers to the questions the best she could. She had no idea why she had been selected for this class, although she did find time travel interesting and was a loyal fan to several television television shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek both of which had some sort of time travel in them. She was wondering if she could magic some sort of time travel machine and get the answers from tomorrow for today.

Gallen walked down the somewhat crudely drawn aisles, reading over students various answers, as he went, sometimes, with slight amusement.

Muriel Watkins had answered the questions, with very simplistic wording.
Q:Name one device, and at least one known incident of it's use, which permits time travel. A: Pandora Crump's farts make people pass out, and wake up, many hours later.
Q: Name one of the many dangers of Time Travel, and list it's possible effects on the Space/Time continuum. A: Maybe, if you travel far into the future, the earth has blown up, and you die, because there isn't any atmosphere?
Q: List two charms, which can be cast, which would prevent a person, who is not in their native time-frame, from entering your place of residence, or work. A: How about something whimsical sounding, like Temporus Interuptus, and Clock Blocker?
Q: What is a Grue? A: Glue with a lisp?

Gallen frowned, reading over Muriel's answers. The blackboard had all of the students listed.
Muriel's name was replaced with 1: Wrong 2: Passable 3: Half right 4: Not funny.
Emily's name was replaced with 1: Only on Television 2: Perfect Example 3: Sadly, not 4: Not likely.
Kelly's name was replaced with 1: Well thought out, but not a device that permits time travel 2: Well thought out, and a perfect example 3: Half right 4: This is not a video game.
Reginald's name had not been replaced. It seemed, almost, as though, he wasn't interested in writing, at all.
Jennifer's name had yet to be replaced, as she was still writing.
Alena's name was replaced with 1: Don't set time, and space on fire please. 2: Quit setting time and space on fire, Alena 3: While, indeed, Incendio Maximus would stop someone from getting in to a protected area, it would likely also obliterate the 'protected' area. 4: This is not an intestinal worm class.
Professor MacAuley's name had not yet been replaced, because she had not even begun writing yet.

MacAulay was carefully considering the questions before she began writing. There were so many options to choose from...

Finally, she began to write.

Kelly looked at the Blackboard and wondered what she was getting into. Perfect Example and well thought out was nice. She had only a little bit of an inkling about what sort of devices could be used and had to wonder as well about which of the 2 spells would be useful. Not that she thought she would be facing anyone out of time. She also wondered if a Grue would be something that hunted beings that were out of their own time, It was possible. Nature abhorred things that were not proper. Sort of like things created through transfiguration never lasted very long.


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